iOS 12 and saying goodbye to an old friend

Hi all, happy 2018! It’s been a very busy year for me thus far, apologies for being quiet until now.

As some of you must know by now, the iOS 12 feature list has been announced and Apple is planning to release quite a few new enhancements that I hope to take advantage of.

These include:

  • Critical Alerts. As a user, you will be able to mark an alert as “critical” which will cause the alert to bypass any silence or do not disturb settings. I’ve requested permission for this from Apple already and will announce its availability shortly thereafter. I believe that I won’t need to release a new version to let you take advantage of it
  • Notification grouping. Lucky for you, I won’t need to release a new version! You can start using this feature now (those of you on iOS 12 already that is) by sending thread-id as a parameter just like you do for specifying a sound. If you’re looking for a way to try this out, might I suggest setting the thread-id to an entity ID so that notifications concerning that entity are grouped together. Without setting a thread-id all notifications from the app will be placed into a single group
  • Siri Shortcuts… I’ll know how this can get implemented and what the possibilities are once the Shortcuts app is available, but obviously would be great to get support for it so you can control Home Assistant and send data via Siri (and hopefully this would allow support for HomePod as well!)

That’s about it for iOS 12 stuff! I expect i’ll push a release or two before iOS 12 is publicly available with some small bug fixes.

Now, for the bad news for a very very small number of you: Once iOS 12 is publicly available, Home Assistant for iOS will no longer be available for iOS 9. Trust me, it’s a VERY small number of you. But, fear not, since you will get at least 1 more bug fix update before we say goodbye, and even with the iOS 12 changes you aren’t missing much.

As always, would love to get some more developers to help out with development! Maybe then y’all can get more than just a few releases a year out of me :smile:.

Thanks for listening!


I’m using the iOS app on iOS 12 beta 1 and it is super stable.

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Glad to hear development for the iOS client isn’t completely dead.

Now how about those old bugs that have been sitting in the github issue tracker for close to a year?

That’s awesome! Super excited about critical alerts. Any chance on getting widget support so we can select a few switches to be added to a widget panel? It’s the only thing I miss from smart things.


Contributions always welcome! :wink:

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The issue with something like this is that the community as a whole demands a very high level of customizability, especially for the first real UI piece that I’d be releasing. I don’t have great UI or UX skills, in both a final product as well as implementation sense, so I worry that what I would deliver would be subpar and not customizable enough causing a whole new flood of feature requests that I wouldn’t be able to fulfill. Does that make sense?

Anyway, answer is: maybe?

Hi there, I have a question and i’m not sure if this is the correct place to ask.
how can i send a notification to a more than 1 ios devices, i know i can create a group, but not always i will send to the same members of that group, example:
notify if door is opened, notify to membe1, member2 and member4, but tomorrow member2 is on a trip so i need to remove it for the script.

thanks for your help

Since you’re doing a major update (or it seems that way), is it possible to store the entities in the app? What I mean is that now if you load the app, it always loads all the entities, and that takes time, especially on an older phone (like iPhone 6 or similar). With a more recent phone it’s not that bad but still feels a bit clumsy. I think this would be a significant improvement.

Thanks! iOS 12 and stable. Will try out thread-id :slight_smile:

Don’t suppose there are any plans to integrate with car play? Would be kind of interesting to create a single view - maybe pre-allocate an HA UI tab and have it only load that specific HA tab allowing someone to customize their own page to what is important to them? Siri interaction is great - but a simple page to show/check on garage door, locks, alarm is on would be cool.


I’d love to see some more specific Siri integrations. Apple’s developer site has a really great video introduction on the Siri Shortcut features. (I assume you need to have a developer account to view this content)

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That would be great!

Did anything come from the critical alerts talk with Apple? Looking at pushing high importance alerts for security during DND, etc.


With the release o iOS 12 today, is there any progress on the integration with Siri Shortcuts?

I am a developer but not really familiar with ios/swift, still available if help needed.


Meant to reply to this! I was told Apple lost most critical alert submissions and I was invited to reapply which I did the day you posted this comment. Will update when I know more!

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Siri Shortcuts integration has been completed for a few weeks now. It’s release is being held up by the work to migrate to the new auth API which we are almost done with. Once that release is out the door, the iOS 12 release will follow shortly thereafter.

Thanks for the feedback!

Ever closer…


I’ve locked in the Siri Shortcuts support. The iOS 12 version of the app will support the following:


  • Send Location
    • Default behavior is send current location
    • Check pasteboard for lat,long or address to geocode
  • Call Service
    • Allow setting just service name or service name + payload
    • If no payload set use pasteboard contents
  • Fire Event
    • Allow setting event name or event name + payload

Still need to do:

  • Get Entity state
    • Put it on pasteboard
  • Set Entity State
    • Allow setting entity name + state object
    • If no state object set use pasteboard contents
  • Get image from camera proxy
    • Put it on pasteboard
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Thanks for your awesome work on this!
I just want to throw some feedback in now when your making changes.
Would it be possible to enhance the layout experience so we don’t have to waste so much space on static content like menus and options. Right now it takes up about a quarter of the screen.

One idea could be to hide to top part except the tabs when you scroll down and the same for the bottom options. That could maybe disappear completely or at least be made smaller.