iOS 12 HomeKit Remote

HomeKit on iOS 12 has just introduced remote controls into its functionality. Do you think this is something we could support with HA? Would it be possible?

Iā€™d like to see this as well

Yeah, same here as well!

I would happily take a look into this if anyone knows a good place to start? I have Python experience, but never tried to expose anything to HomeKit, happy to learn if anyone can point me in the right direction.

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Thing is: This was announced but never crystallized into anything concrete. We should focus on the new upcoming TV accessory specification.

I have succesfully exposed my bravia tv whit this custom component Sony Bravia TV component with Pre-Shared Key

The tv shows as a tv on homekit app, and even shows up on the specific con homekit controller toggle on the control center, but remote functions dont work (play, pause, cursor etc) All those functions are available on the custom comenent media player on home assistant

Any ideas of how to get it working?

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