iOS 16 Home Theme

Following on from my previous Lovelace/Dashboard setup I was inspired by the new design of the Home app in iOS 16, and the excellent Minimalist theme, to make an attractive, easy-to-use theme for Home Assistant.

Benefits of this setup:

  • No additional themes required - works with the default HA themes
  • Only two custom components needed - button-card and layout-card
  • Dynamically rearranges tiles according to screen size - no need to maintain separate Dashboards for desktop and mobile (or deal with a mobile interface on desktop)
  • Easily-customisable summary cards that read entities from Groups to summarise lights, climate devices and more
  • Pretty (IMHO)

Things I’m working on:

  • Multiple size options for each card
  • Complete documentation in each card and templates for views for ease of installation

Happy to answer any questions about this setup and I can share installation instructions in a further post if desired. I would be really grateful for your collective opinions and would also be keen to try and implement any suggestions for improvements that you might have!



@ajoyce This looks great. What would I need from you to be able to give this a go on my home assistant instance? Thank you for your response ahead of time!

Looks nice. I am also currently in the design phase of creating something similar, working with Mushroom and animations. Look here: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

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I started something similar just before the iOS 16 version was revealed, happened to look very similar:

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I’m very new to custom themes, so any instructions would be amazing!