iOS 16 Update Changes Mobile App Device Name and Breaks Notifications

After two iphones in my system updated to iOS 16, I noticed that both of them had their notifications break after the update.

It appears the iOS 16 update is changing the name of the device within the Mobile App from what it was before to “iPhone”, which is then breaking the automation that were previously set up with the specific device name and person association.

What’s not clear to me is how do you properly revert this back to what it was before?

e.g. one of the devices was named in the format of “NAME’S IPHONE” which translated to notify.mobile_app_name_s_iphone. After upgrade, it became notify.mobile_app_iphone. when attempting to rename via the Devices and entities page in Home Assistant, the service did not properly update. When updating via the Mobile App back to “NAME’S IPHONE” and restarting Home Assistant, it became “notify.mobile_app_names_iphone”. Long story short, I still had to find every automation that was set up under the old name to remove the underscore so they work…and that’s IF I found all of them.

What’s the proper method for renaming a device in Mobile App back to what it was pre-upgrade?

And is there a better way to manage notifications like this so a future change doesn’t require so much manual intervention? I really hope notifications get some love in a future update.

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Just a guess, but I noticed the name of my iPhone changed on my WiFi network to ‘iPhone’ after updating. Sure enough, the name of my phone within settings had changed. Maybe change the name of your phone back to what it was via Settings>General>About>Name.

Here’s the issue to follow about this: Mobile app: iOS 16 with default device naming "iPhone" constantly breaks mobile app integration by creating redundant instances of same server · Issue #2206 · home-assistant/iOS · GitHub

My device name didn’t change in iOS unfortunately.

The other issue I see here is that the Device page for it in Home Assistant no longer shows the listed automation that are associated with it, despite having several that are correctly pushing notifications through automation. I’ve ensured the device is named properly.

Anyone know how to get the associated automations to repopulate?

Same problem. I give my iPhone a fixed name in the companian app settings.

ottelo’s fix above is the way: Companion App->Settings->Companion App-> Click on You
Rename “Device Name” (under details) to be the same as the old name it used to have, then all the old automations will work.


I tried otello’s fix and it works until the next time Companion needs to reauthenticate with HA… Then the name reverts back to just iPhone.

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Just found an open issue for this in Github

Mobile app: iOS 16 with default device naming “iPhone” constantly breaks mobile app integration by creating redundant instances of same server #2206

Alas, it has been open for 24 days so there doesn’t seem to be much progress on it

Looks like this should be resolved in the latest App update.

Any clues as what to do if the phone still changes names? I can fix automations in the evening and then they are broken again in the morning. My phone changes between mobile_app_iphone and mobile_app_msa_xii at least twice per day. iOS app version 2022.398

Found this in the log of the iOS app at the time I was reconfiguring my automations (again):

Having exactly the same issue, also keeps failing to connect when opening the app and only way to resolve is to power cycle the Raspberry Pi running home assistant

Here is a fix