iOS 17 Issues - Am I the only one having problems with WatchOS 10 complications?

I’m having a hard time finding anything related to Home Assistant on iOS 17 as well as WatchOS 10.
The only thing I see mentioning iOS 17 at all are this, this, and this.

Am I overlooking a post or something? I’m confused.

One of the issues I’m noticing is you can no longer select small complications for the modular watchface.
Does anyone else have the same problem?


I have also problems with this update. I had on my old apple watch (1st gen) a complication on the modular face. It used to work perfectly. I bought a new apple watch 9 but the same complication is not working and is showing me only the placeholder.

Thanks for the reply.

I was very confused why I wasn’t seeing people discussing the issue anywhere, especially since the iOS app seems to be more integrated than the Android one.

Is this fixed? I’m holding the upgrade on my devices and don’t want to loose any feature that is working

Annoyingly, it is not.

I guess I will have to wait the. I’m still surprised that only a few users have noticed or maybe it something that doesn’t affect all.

same here :frowning:

Same here. And I also thought I was the only one it happened to.

I did the update of IOS to 17.1.1. So far is working flawlessly and HA seems faster. I’m holding the WatchOS10 for now.

I’m holding the WatchOS10 for now

Oh, you mean you’re still on WatchOS9 with iOS 17.1.1?

Yes! Exactly.