iOS App Bug (Icons don’t show)

Running iOS 14.6 beta 2 or 3 and beta version of home assistant companion and the icons in home assistant don’t show. The only way to make them show is by pulling down and forcing a refresh. I tried resetting the front end cache too.

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I bave à seam problèm.

Issue is still present with iOS 14.6 RC (iPadOS and iOS).

Yes me too !!!

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No news ? No bug fix ??

Same here, phone just force upgraded and now icons are missing so can’t control stuff.

Looks like you can guess where they are and they work but not ideal.

Same here - custom icons & simpleicons do work.

Same problem for me. All icons are gone, both on iPhone and iPad.
Running IOS 14.6, not beta.

Me too, both iOS and iPadOS using the Safari browser. Interesting though, when I open HA with DuckDuckGo browser - which uses the same Apple webkit engine as Safari of course - things do show up just fine. No solution, but it seems specific to Safari in *OS 14.6.

FYI: there are some changes in Webkit: About the security content of iOS 14.6 and iPadOS 14.6 - Apple Support

Same here. If you want the icons to come back you need to drag from top to bottom, so the dashboard refreshes and this time icons are correctly displayed

Yes, I know that, but it doesn’t make sense !!!

yup the pull down refresh seems to work.
Re open app and have to do it again

Same discussion at Github:

I have iPhone 12 pro with iOS 14.7 bêta 1
and it is always the same one thing

One more discussion regarding the IOS 14.6 icon problem:

I have the same issue, & was wondering if it was related to the new iPhone update.

Good news

I have the same issue with ios14.6. When will it be fixed ? Do you know a work around ?