iOS app eventually stops updating

Long-standing issue: the official HA Companion app for iPhone/iPad always eventually stops updating the states (it continues to respond but the states are obsolete and no longer updated). It has to be force quit and launched again.

Right now I’m on iOS 15 RC but this is going on for at least a year on officially-supported iOS 14. I had done a completely clean DFU reinstall of iOS 14.x in the meantime so remnants of old iOS install aren’t the cause.

HA version is Home Assistant OS 6.4 running on Rpi4, fully updated, currently on 2021.9.6. There are more bugs such as he app eventually stopping to respond to keypresses (of the virtual keyboard), but that’s probably a different matter.

Any clues? Thanks!

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Same problem since yesterday when I updated my iPhone11 to iOS 15.
Since then the app remains as frozen.

The only way to use any entity again is to close it completely and reopen it.

So the problem only started for you with iOS 15? I have had it for at least a year. And a plethora of other Safari/iOS app issues going back at least two years.

I’m fairly new to the iOS world, I’ve only had an iPhone for 2 weeks.
However two weeks ago the Home Assistant companion app was perfect, fast and responsive.
A couple of days ago I updated to iOS version 14.8 (if I’m not mistaken the last version before 15) and the problem was not present.

Now, after the iOS 15 update, it seems that after a few seconds of not using it, it freezes. In fact the only way I’ve noticed to get the entities working is to refresh the page or kill the app.

Hm, it’s getting worse, now it’s failing to respond/refresh even with desktop browser. Only controls and sensors from Lovelace mind you - I’m still able to, say, configure or restart HA via web browser.

I started asking some questions about others setups here: iOS 15 Beta (and Public Release) - Safari/Companion App Freezing

There is a GitHub issue linked there as well but I think we need to all find the common factor as not everyone is having an issue…

Right, I’ll start with posting the log here and on Github.

Issue still unfixed in app v2021.11.