IOS App & iBeacon Issue

I’m trying to setup the IOS app to track home/not home using an iBeacon and i’m struggling to get it working. I know my iBeacon is transmitting and the HA app is setup correctly as I can see the iBeacon in location settings but it still won’t work. Can anyone help?

In configuration.yaml I have the following


In customize.yaml I have

uuid: EBEFD083-70A2-47C8-9837-E7B5634DF524
major: 58519
minor: 34712

and in known_devices.yaml I have track: true for the specific device

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I’ve now got some of it working. The app gives me a notification that I have exited home via iBeacon but it doesn’t update my device to away

I’ve tried this whole beacons thing but I can’t make it work either. Did you get yours working?

Looking at seemed pretty straight forward but… NOPE!

So this is how my zone section looks like:

  name: Home
  latitude: REDACTED
  longitude: REDACTED
  radius: 40
  icon: mdi:account-multiple

And this is how my customise looks like:

    track_ios: false
      uuid: FDA50693-A4E2-4FB1-AFCF-C6EB07647825
      major: 10
      minor: 48

Also on the iOS app I make sure to rename my phone device to test this and avoid other device trackers to change its status, so it's called `jonatans_iphonetest`.

Also it seems to picking up correctly configuration from my Home Assistant server

On Home Assistant web ui it shows up correctly too: ![|72x96](upload://rT5IjwoT1ZpfCsyntSRX9flC92K.png)

BUT, if I turn off the beacon or disable BT it should change to away, right? well, it’s stuck on “Home” state forever :/.

Scanning beacons seems to show up, UUID is correct as well as the minor major settings. What’s going on? o.O

Thanks for any help! really appreciate it :slight_smile:

I think one of the issues is the app uses the phone location and iBeacons instead of only using the iBeacon

I’m now seeing iBeacon exit notifications when my device enters the iBeacon range. I’m really not sure what is going on and if I have my config right. Can anyone help?

I’ve given up with the HA app now and moved to Owntracks & MQTT. I’ve got owntracks in manual mode so it doesn’t use my GPS but it still fires when I enter and exit my iBeacon.

I followed this link to setup MQTT & Owntracks

is it working correctly?

Early days but it seems to be working OK at the moment. I’ve had a single notification to say I have exited the zone whilst in a specific room at the back of my house.

I’ve already got a long range iBeacon (link) but I might need to get another one if it keeps losing the signal in the specific room & just use the same UUID & major/minor values.

Something else I did is change the zone to passive in HA as this article says a passive zone can only be entered by iBeacon and not GPS

Unfortunately I have found this still to be an issue… It’s fair to say that the HA iOS app still does not work correctly with Beacons. I have spent sooooo much time trying to get this to work with no luck - only getting incorrect “exit” notifications as well. I hope someone can revisit the code (and the doco!) for this component (happy to help test/troubleshoot to get it working) as it seems unnecessary to use OwnTracks when everything could be done natively. Off to setup OwnTracks/MQTT for now… :frowning:

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Same here.

As you, I would like to only have to use one app on the phone for the tracking. My beacons a for certain within reach, but the iOS is just way to inconsistent.

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Just a +1 here. My iOS app shows enter/exit notifications (I believe the incorrect “exit” instead of “entry” is just a typo), but the app doesn’t seem to push the location update back to HA.

OwnTracks is working pretty well.

Edit: This thread is relevant : iOS App and iBeacon Support