iOS App & Locative

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currently I am using Locative to track my iBeacons and want to add the new iOS App for location tracking. As it turns out the Locative App creates a new static device tracker with a 32 digit ID, even if I fill the mac field as intended in the documentation.
The only way I found to generate a shared device (in known_devices.yaml and device_tracker.<32_DIGIT_ID>) are the following steps:

  1. setup Locative and copy the <32_DIGIT_ID> from e.g. known_devices.yaml
  2. open the HA iOS App and set the “Device ID” to the <32_DIGIT_ID>

This leeds to a crappy name when you have to call the notify service, but I can’t see another way to get this done properly.

    service: notify.ios_<32_DIGIT_ID>

Am I missing something or is this the best workaround?

Would you still need locative along with location tracking in HA ios app ?

ios app currently doesn’t support ibeacons

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Exactly, I have to stick to the dual setup till the new HA App adds iBeacon support.

This week :slight_smile:


Just a little feature request related to the iBeacon support:

In my setup some lights turn on when I arrive, which gets triggered by an iBeacon via locative. The timing is (in my case) more precise via the iBeacon than geofences.
But my phone loses the connection to the beacon quite often, so the trigger for “leaving a zone” is not practicable. Whereas the geofences work fine here.

To sum this up: Switches for “Trigger on Arrival” and “Trigger on Leave” would be very welcome!

Sure thing!

Hey @robbiet480, is this feature planned in a future release? Cant find it in 1.0.4 … :slightly_frowning_face:

Locative users should vote here: Fix Locative Bug