iOS app login

I’m new to HA and need some help logging in via the iOS app.

I can login fine via a web browser, but the iOS app throws up an error “Error: Invalid client id or redirect login” When I click cancel I get an error “The operation couldn’t be completed (HomeAssistant.AuthenticationController.AuthenticationControllerError error1)”.

In HA frontend notification It says “Login attempt failed. login attempt with invalid authentication”.
I have tried turning on “Legacy Auth” and tried entering my login details in the advanced settings but nothing works. But via the web browser everything is fine.

Any advice really appreciated.

Have you activated the duckdns and letsencrypt add on? If so you must import the certificate in your iPhone.

I’m not using duckdns as I have my own domain name with a ssl certificate.

ok, so you have a certificate. I think you need to follow the instructions in this post on how to import your certificate :

check your ip_bans.yaml