iOS App Not Installing

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Has anyone had recent issues with the official iOS app? I installed it a week or so ago as part of trialling switching from OpenHab to HA. Working really well but now trying to install the app on my other halfs phone and it isn’t in the app store. When I search on google and use the link from the HA website (which then opens the app store) I get an error message saying “App not available. This app is currently not available in you country or region.”

Bizarrely when I now go to my phone and search on the app store the same happens, but the app I installed a week ago still runs happily.

Any ideas?

@tom_l thanks for letting me know. I will wait for the new verson. Cheers

potentially dumb question: is it renamed to HassApp? Or is that something different?

It has not been renamed. It has been pulled completely until Robbie has a chance to get the fixes deployed.

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No HassApp is different - seems pretty good but does different stuff

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Ah right, is this why I can’t find it in the UK App Store too? I just get a message saying this app is not available in your country or region.

Hello by the way! First post. Just researching Home Assistant today after just finding out about it. I was previously going with OpenHAB but I like the look of this.

Welcome to the community gareth, glad you like what you see. The iOS app was pulled from the store a day or two ago because a recent change to Home Assistant made the app crash on launch during the initial setup process for new users.

This is only a temporary thing until the app can be fixed, but until then, you can visit your Home Assistant URL in Safari and add it as an “web app” to your home screen by following these instructions.

Changed my tune! I see the issue reported here is the same that I was having when I tried to re-install that app. Thank for noting that here.

Great, thank you. To be honest I’m literally just flashing my SD Card for my Raspberry PI 4 Model B and installing the software, as well as flashing all my Teckin WiFi plugs to use Tasmota. I’ve got plenty to do before I actually need the app. Good to see the forum is very active and responsive though. I dare say I’ll be back on here shortly with questions!