IOS Mobile Notification not directing to custom dashboard

Here is the version that I’m working with:

I am also connected through home assistant cloud, which means that the URL to my dashboards look like this: (modified for privacy)

I have created a specific dashboard for this notification allowing me to see the camera and giving me the remove unlock button for the door.

When I look at the documentation for the syntax of an actionable notification here Actionable Notifications | Home Assistant Companion Docs (, I see quotes around all of the URI values:

I’m able to include the quotes around all of the value and test.

When I click RUN

  • The notification shows up on my phone and on my Apple Watch.

  • On my phone I don’t see the ‘View Camera and Unlock’ title, on my watch I do. When I click the ‘View Camera and Unlock’ on my watch - I’m NOT taken to the dashboard that I have specific - I am given the listing of automations.

  • On my iPhone - I don’t ever see the ‘View Camera and Unlock’ title to click and when I click on the notification, it takes me to the default dashboard I have set on my iPhone.

When I save the automation and come back in, Home Assistant has removed all of the quotes from the entry data entry:

When I ‘run’ it without the quotes,

  • I still receive the notification and on my Apple Watch I see the ‘View Camera and Unlock’ message but I’m still not properly routed to the correct dashboard.
  • On my iPhone I also receive the notification, without the ‘View Camera and Unlock’ and it still takes me to the default dashboard set on the Home Assistant mobile app.

My Questions are:

  1. Is there a different uri value I should be using when connected through home assistant cloud?

I have tried including the /lovelace/front-gate-doorbell-ring/0 that all of the video tutorials and documentation specified with no success

I have tried using the full url with no success

  1. Why would the documentation show quotes around all three of the values but Home Assistant remove them when I save my automation?

Any ideas? This is going to be so powerful when I get this resolved!

did you ever get this resolved? I’m building some notifications that should direct to custom dashboards, but right now no matter what I use for URI values, the iOS mobile app simply opens whatever the last open dashboard was.

I continue to have the same issue. I haven’t been able to divert time back to the problem to figure out a workaround.