IOS notification images suddenly missing

I’ve got numerous notifications and I like to have an icon for each one. This has been working for ages now, up to and including 0.105.x.

I’m using the standard config, here’s an example:

      url: 'http://<my_dns_name>:8123/local/thermometer.png'
  message: 'Average house temperature is {{ states.sensor.average_house_temp.state}}°c'
service: notify.mobile_app_andy_s_iphone

I noticed a few days ago after upgrading directly from 0.105 to 0.108 that while the notifications are working, I’m not getting any images! This is an issue for .png and .jpg.

Other than the upgrade, I’m not aware of any other related config changes. I can access the images remotely via a browser with no issue.

Not sure how to turn on appropriate logging, or if that would be on the HA server or the app… looking at the doco it sounds that the app is responsible for image downloading?

As a test I added in the ‘content-type’ and ‘hide-thumbnail’ values in case something had changed there, but no change.

Thanks in advance,

In case you didn’t come across this, it’s a known issue: iOS Notifications not working in 2020.4

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