IOS📱 - Notifications ( Actions, Attachments, Customizable ) - (Script) Blueprint

IOS Notification Blueprint

This blueprint aims to be a full implementation of all options available for notifications on IOS.

No more thinkering with the settings until it works somehow and then redo everything for the next automation.
Just use this blueprint, attach some scripts to some actions and be happy.
Functions include:

  • All configuration options for notifications
  • Static attachments
  • Dynamic Attachments (Map and Camera) with full configuration options
  • Attaching Scripts to actions
  • Provide a text field upon clicking on an action (the reply is given as input for the script)
  • And many more!

Automation (Triggered by input boolean):
Script Template:
Note that the Script Template does not support markdown in the descriptions so it looks a bit… weird. But it fully works.

I will not post the blueprint here directly, since it has over 1500 lines. But you can see it (and modify it) here

If anything does not work, just write something here and I will look into it. There seem to be some options that simply wont work.


Quick note for everyone that wants to put pins on the map and template the input for that. I did not now that but if a template outputs something comma-seperated it will allways be treated as a list, not matter if you cast it to a string inside the jinja template. So if you now generate the lat and lon as comma seperated values as required, you will get an error because the blueprint assumes the output is a string, but it is a list. To circumentvent this you can add ~",," to your plueprint like so

{{(state_attr("device_tracker.<whatever>","latitude") ~","~state_attr("device_tracker.<whatever>","longitude")) ~ ",,"}}

This will output a string, because it is not a valid list… and still works with the blueprint!

Thank you for this. I have a question about the Trigger. I see that it is not possible to use a normal trigger. Understood. I have created a helper input_button but when I press that helper button the iOS notification is not triggered. Is the input_button meant to be just a dummy that does nothing?

I can push “RUN ACTIONS” within the automation and the iOS notification goes out. How should I be triggering the notification blueprint?



Sorry for the late response!

Seems that you are right. Incredible that so many people did not have that issue because this should not work for anybody…

it is fixed now in the git…since that is linked to the button deleting the blueprint and reimporting it should fix this issue.

Thanks again for bringing this to my attention.

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Hey, thanks for this.
I ran into a problem when using internal links - i am using this on iOS devices.
I enter URLs like “/lovelace/card-name” as values.
Every time i click them the companion app goes in the background and then opens the link correctly.
But i have to put the app to the foreground manually again - which renders this quite “uncomfortable”.
The action is marked as “foreground” and i tried several combinations with always the same outcome.
Any hint?

Thanks in advance!

Is there a reason to not use this as a script blueprint? It would be easy to call from other automations vs an input button helper.

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I’m curious, too.

The most common use case would likely be to call these notifications from within other automations; a script seems the most straightforward way of doing this.

very true… I think this is not a script blueprint because these didnt exist when I made this? Not sure anymore. Anyway I think I will rework this any way and update.

Should work now. A bit sad that the script blueprint engine does not support markdown in the elemen descriptions so it looks very weird.

Hi, I can’t get it to work with the script.
If I run the script, the notification comes, I select the option but it doesn’t run the second script.
This is my code:

alias: IOS Actionable Notifications
  path: Hypercookie/ios_notification_script_blueprint.yaml
    target_for_notifications: mobile_app_inanu
    message_content: Home Assistant
    message_text: Disattivare Allarme?
    action_1_title: Conferma
    action_1_action_text_input_button_title: Conferma
      entity_id: script.disattiva_allarme
    action_1_action_enabled: true
    action_2_title: Annulla
    action_2_action_text_input_button_title: Annulla
    action_2_action_enabled: true
icon: mdi:apple-ios

Hi. I haven’t looked that closely, but I don’t see the ability to include an Image file as a parameter. Is this not part of the capabilities?

Mhhh… this is indeed in the documentation, but I am quite sure that this was not possible when I designed the blueprint. I want to update this in the next few days because it is quite old now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I have to rewrite this blueprint to adhere to the newest homeassistant updates. Will happen in the next few days, sorry that it took so long :confused:

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Much appreciated, thanks for looking at this!

One other oddity: When I was testing this, I set up General Options but kept all 10 Actions off.
When I ran it, I successfully got my message. However, according to the Trace it was still “Waiting on 10 triggers”. Shouldn’t this only happen if Actions are utilized?

The reason this is an issue is that the script mode is SINGLE by default. It meant that subsequent runs of the test did not work, and this was initially puzzling.

A very minor issue that’s easily fixed at the script level, but wanted to pass this along as well.

Ok thanks!

Is this IOS only or will it also work on Android?

Do you consider supporting fields in the script?

Another addition to both the automation and script blueprint would be to implement grouping as well. As you aim to be a full implementation of all options, maybe tagging would be cool too.