iOS Tracking with new app

Working on getting the new app set up and working. I have a check next to the ios component loaded, device tracker component loaded and ios notify platform loaded with v0.42.4 running.

When I go to the location settings and try to enable Enter/exit tracked option, it is greyed out. At the bottom it says “To enable location tracking add track_ios: true to each zone”

I’ve added this to my home zone (removed all others for testing) and when HASS restarts it tells me the component zone is not set up correctly. What am I doing wrong?

i saw elsewhere to add it to your customize.yaml file. ie.

  track_ios: true

Awesome thank you, that worked!

what if I have more zones. Will I have to add all to the customize.yaml file like:
track_ios: true
track_ios: true
track_ios: true

or how should it be done?

As of 1.0.2 zone tracking is enabled by default, no need to modify your configurations.

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Just picked up the update.
I’m seeing some screwy stuff with location tracking atm. I think it’s because I still have OwnTracks configured.

I am still confused about how to setup this new iOS app notification and location tracking
(previously i used owntracks for location and smtp for notification)

Can anyone point me to a document on how to setup this on the configuration.yaml side
I installed the app today and enabled location and notification.
I am also update to date version on the HA


All you have to do is add ios: to your configuration.yaml. If the app says enabled for location and notification, you should be set. Go to your state page on the front end and check to see if your iphone shows us as a device_tracker.your_iphone_name

to send notification to ios app use the dev tool on the front end or use

  - service: notify.ios_your_iphone_name
      message: "Something happened at home!"

Thanks so much, i removed zone.home: track_ios: true
and just added ios: and restarted HA, magically all worked and my test notification sent, ios.conf file was created.

One thing I also noticed the location started showing (which wasn’t before after i commented my mqtt service) and it still reads from known_devices.yaml, wonder if its still coming from my owntracks or from HA ios app.

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Do I still need to have track_ios: true as mentioned here

No, docs just got fixed for that.

This one isn’t updated, at the bottom

Thought I would add here - having tried to get owntracks working accurately and failing (even with iBeacons), the iOS app is just the mutts nuts!

It tracks when I enter my home region perfectly, and my outside lights are on as I pull onto the drive at night, it’s nice to have the stability! Looking forward to seeing how iBeacons can help, but so far I’m pleased with the responsiveness.

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Just wrote up the iBeacon docs. While they work their way into the website here’s the section I added.


As of 1.0.3 the app has basic support for using iBeacons to trigger enter/exit updates. To configure them, add your iBeacon details to your zone like this:

    uuid: B9407F30-F5F8-466E-AFF9-25556B57FE6D
    major: 60042
    minor: 43814

Restart Home Assistant and then the iOS app. It will begin then begin using iBeacons instead of your location for enter and exit triggers around your zones. To add an iBeacon to zone.home add the above under your customize.

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Is there a way to specify a proximity or radius for iBeacons? I want to detect if I am in a certain room, but the iBeacon is visible in other rooms as well. Or do I need to play with the TX setting of the iBeacon instead? I am using Ghostyu beacons.

I’m almost always not home with the iOS app. I think it keeps getting confused whenever I come home and activate wifi. I think it gets confused between the local and external URL addresses.

I have redirected the external URL to the local address at the router level, but I still get the feeling it doesn’t like it.

@robbiet480 Any updates on whether we will have two fields for the ext/int URLs soon? <3 !

When I use the iOS app with an iBeacon, the app only registers the exit of a zone and not when I’m entering a zone. Why is that?

I experience that too. :confused:

I have maybe 95% successful presence detection with my own phone, an iPhone 6s. And often it’s only a delay with my presence being detected within maybe 10-20 min. But with my husband’s iPhone 7 it’s much worse. His presence is detected maybe 60% of the time, and most often it is him coming home that’s not reported. If I ask him to do a one shot location update in the app it corrects it self. Can this be a problem related to his iPhone 7, or is it something else? How can I remedy this? It screws with my presence based automations a lot, and hubby is not amused.

I have a iPhone 7s plus and I have the same issue some times, but not all the time.

I have made an automation that pull the location when the front door is opend. That way i always get the home status when I get home.

    - service: notify.ios_iphone_7_plus
        message: "request_location_update"