(iOS14) Siri integration not working

I’ve been running the developer beta of iOS14 since a few days in and it appears to have broken my Siri integration. The Home app is fine, and using control centre Home favourites it’s fine, but requesting Siri to do anything results in “Sorry, I wasn’t able to find anything like that in your Home this time.”
I’ve also reinstalled HA on a RPi (it’s so much faster now! - I had been running in VirtualBox for a year or so) and get the same results.
Other devices in the house running iOS13 are working as expected.
Any ideas?

Edit. An AppleTV is my Homekit hub. It’s running tvOS13.


It’s a beta though.
No fault of Home Assistant’s.

Rollback to ios 13 till 14 has been release and confirmed working with the app

Yeah, same here… I’ve tried every trick I could find to get it work. iOS 14 Beta 4 is supposed to be out this week so hopefully something is done in there.

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Oh I’m not laying blame. I’m keen to help diagnose / solve it during the beta phase though :slight_smile:

Unfortunately all my Siri accessible devices are via HA at the moment. I don’t have anything else to test.

The messages returned have changed slightly between betas too.

I am seeing the same on iOS & TVOS 14 betas also. I was able to work around it by using https://homebridge.io/ directly. I excluded items in homeassistant homekit and added them to homebridge (kasa, wemo, hue (for non hue bulbs) and they work again for some reason.

I guess we’ll find out what happens when it’s official an people start caring.

I have noticed the same thing, but the scenes that are all in HomeKit (connected to Hue) work fine via Siri in iOS 14 beta. So it seems HomeBridge related maybe?

I am also playing around with the iOS 14 Beta and have noticed that only non certified devices are not working with Siri. I really hope this issue is fixed in the final release or is Apple maybe going to kill Homebridge support?

My HA Shortcuts are working… I don’t use Homebridge.

Are you on iOS 14 Beta 3 or 4?

Odd that (for me at least) the uncertified devices work ok via a standalone homebridge setup but not via the homeassistant integration.

I have been using Beta 1 - 4 and the Siri issue happens in all builds. All non certified devices show in the Apple Home app but can not be called by Siri.

Having the same issue here. Works with standalone homebridge but not with the integration.

Also having the same issue. There was a Github issue (https://github.com/home-assistant/core/issues/38614) that was open, but was closed because people seem to believe it has an effect on Homebridge as well. In my testing, Homebridge is 100% fine, but HomeAssistant isn’t working. I asked that we reopen it but that hasn’t happened yet.

I just updated to iOS 14 Beta 5 and things are working better. I do find that sometimes the devices in the Home app show no response.
I was able to use Siri this morning to control devices again !

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So devices that weren’t previously “found” by Siri are now? I didn’t see anything in the release notes that sounded related so I haven’t bothered yet, especially with the refresh on button press thing i read about.

Update Aug 26th: the issue described in this post is fixed in iOS 14 b6, so it’s safe to update now.

I can confirm that iOS 14 beta 5 fixed Siri with the HomeKit integration, now able to control all my Home Assistant entities by voice again.

But iOS 14 beta 5 also breaks the Home Assistant iOS app big time. Tapping any buttons or toggles will cause the app to refresh. Whether it’s attempting to turn on a light or tapping the hamburger icon to open the sidebar menu, the app is going to refresh before performing that action. So it’s pretty much unusable, unfortunately. This also happens in Safari, so it’s not an app issue.

I would recommend skipping b5 for this reason.


Ok thank you, glad to know the Siri thing is resolved. Also I hear that they betas start coming faster around this point, so hopefully that holds true.

Good thing I just reverted back to stable 13.