IP Camera choice to best HA integration


I’m checking to buy an IP Camera to fit with HA using some Xiaomi devices (example : Aqara cube to rotate the camera).
I have already checked in different forum but i can’t do a choice.

Here is some that i have checked :

I have a budget of 50-60€ and i would like to have the 360 rotation, night vision and auto detect motions.

If you have another idea’s, it’s also welcome.

Thank you.

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I’m after the same advice.
I have the Xiaomi Mi Home 360 camera and while it is a great camera , I’m pretty sure you can’t use it with Home Assistant. Some of the Xiaomi cameras you can flash with custom firmware and use them (I think the DaFang and XiaoFang let you do this)

Thank for your response ArtyMarty.

Anyone else has a suggestion ?

I think it is not possible to flash the Xiaomi cameras anymore. I am also looking for a camera under 50EUR.

This one could be an option: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPiHs44i0TA

@Marcos_Martinez, Thank you for the information, i’ll check.

@Marcos_Martinez I have checked this cam (live in Belgium) and it’s 60€ on Amazon (not using Alexa in Belgium).
I find too expensive for what the camera does.

What about reolink? Anyone tried?

the 360 is also expensive, right? it is a pitty we cannot use Xiaomi anymore…

What about ESP32Cam? Worth a mention, maybe worth the effort. The investment is quite low.

@Argo, i don’t know if it works correctly as RTSP or FFMPEG on Hassio. I have seen that one : Reolink C1 Pro, it looks really great related to the specs (HTTPS, SSL, TCP/IP, UDP, UPNP, RTSP, SMTP, NTP, DHCP, DNS, DDNS, FTP, P2P) and qualities.
@Marcos_Martinez, yes indeed but the cam shown in the video is expensive as Alexa is not used in Belgium.
@FredTheFrog, i have already checked this cam but i would like a 360 if possible.

It looks like Xiaomi cameras will be supported again:


I finally bought 2 x Yi Dome Cloud cameras. I think it is currently the best option in the market. They can be integrated in Home Assistant as per the article I provided above. But I will not test them until tomorrow.

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WAIT!!! I have flashed the camera with the yi hack V4 firmaware. It works but you need to pay to activate the RSTP server. 6$

I paid and what you get is that you can see a picture from the cam every 30 seconds…

Edit: Just to report that I am happy with my Yi Cloud cam using the yi hack V4. I bought another one for my father, they are best choice quality-price relation in my opinion.

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No new infos abouts cams?

It seems here you are able to do a mini hack, from there should be easier for HA.