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IP Camera choice to best HA integration



I’m checking to buy an IP Camera to fit with HA using some Xiaomi devices (example : Aqara cube to rotate the camera).
I have already checked in different forum but i can’t do a choice.

Here is some that i have checked :

I have a budget of 50-60€ and i would like to have the 360 rotation, night vision and auto detect motions.

If you have another idea’s, it’s also welcome.

Thank you.



I’m after the same advice.
I have the Xiaomi Mi Home 360 camera and while it is a great camera , I’m pretty sure you can’t use it with Home Assistant. Some of the Xiaomi cameras you can flash with custom firmware and use them (I think the DaFang and XiaoFang let you do this)



Thank for your response ArtyMarty.

Anyone else has a suggestion ?