iRobot Roomba s9 & Braava Jet Mop

Guys is their a first time dummy version of instruction on how to add this to home assistant, I hav efollowed links and watche couple of youtube videos still no luck.

I do not know how to access configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
    blid: BLID
    password: PASSWORD

I do not know how to access this file andy help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance

You don’t need that advanced method. Just go to integrations in the configuration section of the sidebar, hit the plus, search for “roomba”, and click on it. It should walk you through it.

Thank you so much for your replay I have done that and it ask for the follwoing information this is where I am hung up on how to retrieve the exact information it is asking for;




Again thank you for your help.


Follow or

Here is wha tI get trying both commands in python;

You’re already inside of the Python command prompt. You should do windows key + r, type CMD, press enter, and then run the commands.

Here is what i am getting with CMD prompt, sorry for my ignorance.
But thank you for your help.

You need to download the scripts first. Run this in order:

pip install git+
curl --output

Please look at my CMD response so sorry for all of this.

Now run this:

curl --output

Oh, actually, you also need to install Git:

Good morning Kendall, thank you for all of your help I have done everything above including rebooting pc and raspberry pi 4, here is the latest result, FYI I also put Roomba in discovery mode and tried that.

Thank you for all of your help and patients with this, I really appreciate it. Jimmy

I decided go through it step by step again and here is the results

Try installing node.js, then running these commands:

npm install dorita980
notepad roomba.js

Paste this in the window that opened:

var dorita980 = require('dorita980');

dorita980.getRobotIP((ierr, ip) => {

Press ctrl+s, then close the window. Now type this in the command line:

node roomba.js

NOTE: you need to replace the content in the next line with something else.


What happens?

Oops. Run everything after npm install dorita980, and change the thing you put in roomba.js to

var dorita980 = require('dorita980');

dorita980.getRobotIP((ierr, ip)) => {

Is the roomba communication local? I just ordered one… wondering what hurdles I’ll have.

The iOT class is Local Push.

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I forget about that in the docs ;), thanks for reminding me!