iRobot Roomba (WiFi) Support

I didn’t see an official feature request so here it goes. This would be for all WiFi enabled iRobot Roomba models.

Abilities: Start, Stop, Return Home, display status (includes error codes), list last 5 cleaning jobs, and display maps of cleaned areas like the mobile app in ios and android.

Model Support: 690, 960, 980

Yes, please, please!!!
Additional abilities:
1. notify HA if status ( Cleaning, Charging, bin full, ready, etc ).

Roomba only runs well if there is some level of light for it to see. Since we run ours at night, I would like to have the lights turn on and off based on the roomba’s cleaning cycle without having to hard code in the values.

Yes how the (&@#$() can I forget this prime automation! Right now we have to remember to raise the blinds on the scheduled days of cleaning. This would eliminate that problem and just turn on the lights as needed! Not to mention to skip days cleaning when on vacation mode (Alarm Status).

There are any number of work arounds. Right now, I just have roomba scheduled to run at one time through it’s app, and I just have a hard coded automation to run at that same time and to turn off after two hours when it should be done cleaning. I don’t think the 900 series works with infrared. But I could put a motion detector or ultrasonic range finder up and do the same thing.

Not to be rude, but I don’t want a work around that I have to play with to get it to work. I want an actual solution.

@turboc Yes it is annoying. The 900’s series work with a camera in addition to infrared, that’s how they’re able to map out a whole house (mine is about 2,000sqft) and complete it in one cleaning job. The catch is that it needs a bit of light! At its price range, not sure why they didn’t simply put a night vision camera? The only integration we have currently is with Amazon Alexa which is sketchy at best.

The three half solutions i have ran into are as follows:

  1. Infrared IR blaster (not compatible with 900’s series i believe)

  2. Hard coded scripts? Which doesn’t work since March firmware update on Roomba.

  3. Dedicated web server which you then call using scripts or API.

The request here is for some of our genius development team to figure out either how the dedicated web server works, or figure out the mqtt protocol used with it, and put together a solution that works natively within HA.

I know you guys can do it, yall have never failed us before. :slight_smile:

I bought a roowifi for my Roomba 581 and used the HTTP Rest feature in HA to get data from it.

How does one retrieve their BLID?

That should be your email address you created the roomba account with.

What about adding a MQTT vacuum - it can be used for different brands, for instance a Roomba880 with an esp8266 as mqtt -> roomba serial.

I totally lied, BLID is not your email address. See below for instructions…

Apparently you have to jump through a few hoops that i’m not ready to jump through, to get this working.

In the instructions, the first method calls for: “[…]you can run” but where and how exactly do I “run” this command?
I’m running hass-io 0.51.2 on an rpi-3

You are absolutely right, I can’t figure out how to get BLID or password.

How is the iRobot Roomba ? Does it clean like expected or?


Very happy with the 980. I have 2,000sqft with multiple rooms and it does a good enough job. We have hardwood floor in most areas and it has no problems going over transitions, tile, area rugs, etc.

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I love my roomba. Works great.
Any luck on retrieving the BLID and password for hass-io?
Any help/precision instrucions would be greatly appreciated.


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No idea and there’s not much support on it either. Google search returns garbage unfortunately as well. From what I understand you need a separate Linux system or similar and then you need to do python magic and load repositories from Github to execute commands to finally get BLID and password.

That doesn’t make sense to me.

actually it was a lot easier than that. I went down the same rabbit hole you are describing with no luck. But I believe when the component is installed, the command to get the BLID and password are installed in the directory with the component. In my case that was in the following directory.


BUT, I am running in a python virtual environment not under hass-io so I am sure the directory will be different. But it should be there somewhere.

Right I tried that, I believe your’re on hass-io? My installation is not on python 3.6 from what I remember. I did find the getpassword command but was not able to execute it to get blid/pwd. Any details you can post here would be greatly appreciated.

The directory will vary based on the version of Python you are running, but it should be basically the same as
something/lib/pythonversion/site-packages/roomba I thnk. But again, I am not under hass-io. What type of message did you get when you tried to execute it?