Is anyone doing anything with weather underground

Is it possible to update the MDI icons based on conditions (e.g., sun when it is sunny and clouds when it is cloudy)? Wonderground returns entity_picture and icon_url and it will be nice if we can use those as icons?

I’ve started work on customizing the new WU setup. I’ve only gotten a few things done but my goal is to set up most (not all) of the possible sensors with names and icons and I’ll post them here as YAML files that you can copy and paste. This is going to take some time as each sensor has to be created as a template, then I get the naming and do the customizations and include them in a group. There’s a lot of figuring on what the proper name should be and what applicable icon fits as well as whether it’s included in the recent HA version.

Here’s an idea of where I am at so far:

I’ll post as soon as I get things tested out. Hopefully work will progress on the code while I am working on this. It would be nice to figure out how to add the relevant measurement units like “degrees F” or “mph” to the actual values if someone can figure that out.

That looks pretty cool! Will these be coded in or setup through customize:? And I like having the station id at the top. I’m adding that to my group name :slight_smile:

What I’ll do is create YAML files; one will be all of the sensor templates for almost all of the attributes I can format. The next will be groups entries with everything I set up in sensor templates so it will show up. The third will be a customizations file with all of the friendly names and icons.

Three files in YAML format to make it easy to copy and paste (or I suppose include, though I don’t know if I’ll get around to testing that for a bit) into your relevant HA config files.

There’s a lot of attributes and I don’t intend to get them all; only the most relevant ones. But I may go back and get the rest later if there’s interest.

Here’s the set for the example image, tell me if this works for you guys before I spend too much time with it so I know I’m on the right track.

templated_sensors.yaml (716 Bytes)
group_config.yaml (248 Bytes)
customizations.yaml (612 Bytes)

that’s awesome!!! thanks Robert!

OK here we go… Here’s what the output looks like - keep in mind that I couldn’t show everything or else the window would take up the whole forum! So I only captured the Fahrenheit/Imperial sensors, but they are all there and the sensor icons for the Celsius/Metric sensors are the same.

I believe I got almost all the sensors but if there is one I missed that you need, use my examples or ask me. Everything is separated conveniently into sections so you can delete the ones you don’t use.

There are three files here:

  1. sensor_templates.yaml - all of the templated sensors for the shared, imperial and metric measurements. This goes in your sensors section; number it appropriately if you don’t use a separate sensors.yaml file and are adding it to your configuration.yaml
  2. group_config.yaml - all of the named sensors in one group. Same rules as above.
  3. customizations.yaml - all of the friendly names and icons. Same rules as above.

Enjoy - this is my way of giving back to the group. Let me know if you have any issues; my suggestion would be to back up ALL your YAML files before doing this and be very careful about editing! If you end up with a bunch of badge sensors on your front page, you probably missed a space or something. It happened to me more than once laying this all out.

sensor_templates.yaml (4.3 KB)
group_config.yaml (1.1 KB)
customizations.yaml (3.0 KB)


@kellbot once you get the update thing worked out, we should consider posting all this in the Share Your Projects section!

Nobody’s tried this yet? I’m kinda bummed; I put so much work into it. :cry:

Seems to be working fine for me, I’ve made some order adjustments and I’m looking at a few more attributes. I’d just like to hear feedback from anybody so I know whether this made it any easier to implement.

HECK YAH it made it easier!! I didn’t have to figure tham all out on my own!! :smile: Great work and thanks!!!

I’m completely new to this and stumbling through as best I can.

I’ve tried the uploaded files, but I must be doing something incorrectly as it’s still only showing the current temp in f in the card.

Any ideas what I’ve done wrong and how I can correct this?

That looks super cool… Will set it up right away… Thanks guys!!!

If you’re talking about the first entry with the weather icon, that’s hard coded as far as I know. @kellbot will have to weigh in on that.

Glad this is working out and glad I could contribute. Much thanks to @kellbot for the great work!

I plan on using this, just haven’t gotten to it yet, thanks!

Now I see what you mean - above the entries I supplied put the following:

-  platform: template

So that it looks like this:

-  platform: template
       value_template: '{{ states.sensor.weather_underground_pws.attributes.station_id }}'
       value_template: '{{ states.sensor.weather_underground_pws.attributes.display_location.full }}'
       value_template: '{{ states.sensor.weather_underground_pws.attributes.observation_location.elevation }}'
and so on...

I forgot to take into account people who don’t already have sensor templates!! I’m sorry about that, Taubin!!

EDIT: I just updated the sensor_templates.yaml file to include this with a statement for people who already are using sensor templates in their setup. My apologies again for missing this!


Thank you very much for that!

Did that fix it for you?

I haven’t had a chance to test it out, but it makes more sense to me looking at it. I’ll try it out and report back. Cheers.

Now I know that this is probably a weird question, but…
Can this be set up to show what the weather was a few hours ago?

No, but if you use the platform or OWM and click on any of the sensors, they will show you history.