Is ECO-DIM.07 working with ZHA?

Can anyone confirm if the ECO-DIM.07 (ECO-DIM.07 Led-Dimmer Zigbee Pro Taster/Drehschalter 0-200W -) Zigbee Dimmer works with ZHA integration or not?
EcoDim Rotary Dimmer ECO-DIM.07 Zigbee compatibility is not confirming it, so asking here if someone tried out?

Did you get this one working ?

I decided to go with an Iluminize actor in the wall, because the EcoDim does not fit into my flush-mounted box and also I now migrated to Zigbee2Mqtt.

So, I cannot answer it…

Ok, thanks.
I ordered one; we will see how it goes

For anyone interested, works with ZHA/Conbee II without any problems.

Thanks for that update. I’ve installed 6 EcoDim 07 devices earlier this year and only now get to work with HA. Hoping this will work with ZHA and Raspbee II as well then.

Do you have an update on this? Do they work with ZHA?

Have just installed my Ecodim .07 ZigBee and integrated via ZHA. Works like a charm, no problems at all.

EDIT: Unfortunately I found an issue with the dimmer when being controller from within home assistant, see this post Ecodim .07 ZigBee Dimmer Issue: Incorrect State Updates for On/Off Actions

EDIT 2: I have found a workaround for my problem (see link) and am now happy with the dimmer.

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