Is ECO-DIM.07 working with ZHA?

Can anyone confirm if the ECO-DIM.07 (ECO-DIM.07 Led-Dimmer Zigbee Pro Taster/Drehschalter 0-200W -) Zigbee Dimmer works with ZHA integration or not?
EcoDim Rotary Dimmer ECO-DIM.07 Zigbee compatibility is not confirming it, so asking here if someone tried out?

Did you get this one working ?

I decided to go with an Iluminize actor in the wall, because the EcoDim does not fit into my flush-mounted box and also I now migrated to Zigbee2Mqtt.

So, I cannot answer it…

Ok, thanks.
I ordered one; we will see how it goes

For anyone interested, works with ZHA/Conbee II without any problems.