Is it possible to save data into two different databases in Influxdb?

I would like to setup Influxdb with 2 dbs each having different retantion policies. I managed to have it working in 1 dB, but I am not sure how to configure HA with 2.

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That’s not supported at the moment.


is there a workaround for this?
I have the following writing to the dB:

  - sensor.energy_meter_mains_power
  - sensor.energy_meter_openplan_power
  - sensor.water_heater_watts
  - sensor.hourly_energy_mains
  - sensor.daily_energy_mains
  - sensor.weekly_energy_mains
  - sensor.monthly_energy_mains
  - sensor.hourly_energy_openplan 

all with the same retention policy (365 days). I don’t need the first 3 sensors that long, one month would be enough. Is there a way to delete old value? I dont mind doing it manually

If you are using node-red, you can use the node red influxdb node ( ) to save data into different databases. It is very simple.

Are you planning to integrate the feature?

im not using node-red unfortunately :confused:

Since I’m not finding a newer thread: Has anyone considered/tried running a separate database server and setting it up to sync with HA’s database, SQLite, MariaDB, whichever?

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