Is the Google Travel Time Sensor Broke

That’s good info. Is there anyone on .74.1 or higher with multiple sensors, CC loaded, etc that is not having problems?

I guess I’ll come back to this later. For now, I just swapped out the compoent for the waze travel time.

It’s working just fine.

I’m on 0.75.2 with 5 sensors, no issues.

Keep in mind after adding your billing info, you need to link it to your project.

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Well… I was not aware of this. After linking the billing to my project and a Hassio restart, it started working :man_shrugging:

yes. you need to add creditcard information, also for your free account. But you can check in your dashboard if your google travel api active or not

Thanks, I was not aware of that either. Had the info entered, but never linked. I did link it, but have not gone back to enable yet. The waze sensor is working good. I’ll probably go ahead and put it back to google at some time in the near future though.

Brings up a side question. Anyone have any pros/cons of the waze vs google sensors

Only thing I can think of for waze is - No API key, or billing account required

Google allows for public transport times, that’s a pro for anyone not driving…

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I rebuilt the waze app based on the google app’s functionality. So it should be identical in that regards.

EDIT: Waze does not do public transport though as @johnflorin said.

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@petro The Waze Travel Time doesn’t seem to like zip codes, can you confirm?


My Config:

### Waze Travel Time Test
  - platform: waze_travel_time
    name: Travel Time To NYC Waze
    origin: zone.home
    destination: 10001
    region: 'US'

Error Log:
2018-08-08 19:45:26 ERROR (Thread-16) [homeassistant.components.sensor.waze_travel_time] Error on retrieving data: Internal Error

FYI, for those wondering how Google Travel Time may compare to Waze Travel Time.


FYI, Waze can take upto two minutes to update, where as Google seems to be instant.

My Config:

### Waze Travel Time Test
  - platform: waze_travel_time
    name: Bruce Time To Home Waze
    origin: device_tracker.bruce
    destination: zone.home
    region: 'US'

It does not, the waze api doesn’t accept it. All we do is hand the origin and desitnation string to waze http api and it returns a 3 duration, route pairs. The api appears to only accept addresses, towns, cities, states, and lat/long.

to get back to topic, is the google travel time sensor broke…?
in my settings, credit card is added, and both static and traveltime are enabled in the dashboard, and were working until 2 days ago.
Not sure if updating to 0.75 helped, but since then all of my google_travel_time sensors fail to initialize.

any suggestions please?

After linking to my account as recommended here, it has been working for me. Definitely not intutive, but made sense once I did it.

thx, will try again.

Believed to have followed Google previous announcements and form filling…
am I correct this is the google distance matrix api? that google site is so confusing…

Yeah, I set it up, loaded my CC and thought I was good. Once you do that, then you need to link your API to the paid account. makes sense, You get to pick what count towards your credits, CC. Not automatic. It is confusing.


Adding a CC and linking it to the HomeAssistant project solved this riddle for me… now my travel time sensors work again!

does anybody know how much a single traffic sensor will cost after the free trial is over?

I I understand it correctly, you should not have to pay for a single sensor at all. I believe the cost of a pull is low enough that you could have 4-5 sensors running and stay under the limit. Don’t quote me on that, but that was what I had read somewhere.

I’m running with four sensors, and I’m comfortably inside the free limits.

I started having an issue over the past few days. I’m within the free limit and I haven’t changed anything on my end.

Mine is still working, I’m running 76.2. But I will say that mine was working and then just stopped working (a few weeks back), I had not made any changes. At that time I had not added CC info or associated HA to that paid account. I was (and still am) well within the free limit. I suspect that my sensors stopped working on a date set by google for my account. One that required me to finish setting it up. So, just making sure. You have set up CC info AND linked it like shown here?

not so sure about that…
I have 2 devices being tracked, and only a hand full of sensors based on these 2 devices.
yesterday I received my first bill…

total is still 0… but apparently I have spent half of the free credits (for a year ) in a month…??
had a look in the account and the rate is going fast: first 3 days in september already 21,- euro??

still says this though:


now what to make of that… so unclear and fuzzy