Is the official Tuya integration in HA dead?

I started using some Tuya wifi devices using the official HA integration, a few weeks lates, all my devices vanished. I went to check their github, but it seems to be dead as there are only posts of issues and no one answering. No updates since 2021.

There is no way to configure an existing configuration for Tuya on HA for example, so I cannot even begin any troubleshooting steps.

Is Tuya dead on HA?

The Tuya devs have abandoned it. The Home Assistant devs did some work on it. It’s probably best avoided. Tuya zigee devices == ok, Tuya wifi devices == avoid.


Mine is working (wifi). It did stop working several weeks ago and I went through the installation steps to get it working again. I can’t remember what changed but I did get it working. Maybe it was the authorization key or the account link: Tuya - Home Assistant

My understanding is the “free” cloud api access for the Cloud Tuya integration was only for 1 year (a Tuya limitation). I have 8 WiFi sockets I bought 4 years ago and wanted to use in non critical applications in my home.

When mine stopped working about 1 month ago I finally broke down and implemented the Tuya local integration and so far, all is good. When I first set it up I had a few issues - devices would become unavailable in HA. I redid the entire set up with a bit more care and now they appear rock solid.


Isn’t this the second time Tuya abandoned it? Local open source is the way.


… and avoid Tuya WiFi based devices wherever you can.

If they are ESP based then I enjoy them sitting in the ESPHome / TASMOTA integrations for sure!

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How do you use ESPhome with tuya devices? Can you explain? I have different type of tuya wifi devices, like leds strips, gas sensor, pet feeder…


I need to dig a bit deeper into this topic.
I only have (so far) one device… it is Zigbee - and I thought, Zigbee Devices should be compatible with Philips Hue - which is the reason I’ve bought that device…

Unfortunately, It seems not to be compatible, because the Hue App could not find the device - and after some research I came across that I probably need Tuya…

So - installed the device in the Tuya app, created the IoT account and integrated it into HA.

It seems to be “Tuya (Zigbee)” - but does have a local IP - so a Bridge or whatever seems not to be required.
Shortly after - I decided to go with “local tuya” - and now, I am question myself, if this device might be based on an ESP - or not?

Is there a way to figure this out?

Anyway - Since Hue and the new device are both Zigbee, I am considering to switch to something like a Conbee Stick, or Zonoff Zigbee USB device… I am just thinking how I could combine all these devices into one integration instead one in Tuya / localTuya, another in hue, and the next one in whatever it might be… :slight_smile:

I have a lot of tuya based devices, but they are all zigbee devices. I have switches, plugs, trvs, contact sensors. But those devices are not integrated in local tuya nor they have ip address.
All of them are integrated in ha with z2m.

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yeah, i think localtuya is only for WIfi devices, not zigbee
for zigbee, you need a controller indeed, like deconz or …

But i’m interested in the ESP part, how to figure out if the Wifi Tuya devices are compatible with ESPHome? how to discover them ? How to add them ?

They are esp based devices, at least when I checked some light switch year ago. They have esp chip on them. But the problem is that is very hard to flash them because they don’t have exposed pins. So people had some solutions, check it on line, how to flash tuya devices.

ahh, you need to flash them? ok, not gonna go that road, localtuya works fine

Well if you want local control than yes, you have to flash them with different firmware. It’s not that hard to flash device, I done that on some sonoff switches, but with tuya the problem is with pins. You have or solder pins, some guys made some 3d printed device to connect to the pins etc.

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Then it is wifi, not zigbee. If it were zigbee you would need a Tuya hub to add it to the app.

I’ve never seen a dual protocol Tuya end device.

Well, no. Hue is Zigbee, but it doesn’t support all Zigbee devices, that’s a massive piece of work - and made worse by the fast that Tuya’s Zigbee implementations are often quite relaxed about complying with the Zigbee standard.

Going with ZHA or Zigbee2MQTT and either a CC2652 based coordinator or an EZSP based one (if you’re using ZHA) is the way to go. Don’t buy a ConBee, and don’t buy anything CC2531 based.

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Hi, thanks for the Advice :slight_smile:
Can you please explain, why “no ConBee” ?

That was somehow the thing I’ve just found as ‘potential solution’… ^^

Anyway - I just noticed, that my Meross-Plugs (310 and 210) are also Tuya… so, considering this, I will try to see how I can combine all of this somehow.

so you would recommend for example the Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus (CC2652P + CP2102(N)=) ??

This would (at least) allow Zigbee devices… But can I implement the other Tuya based devices with this, too?

All mine are expired, but everything still works using localtiya.

No, thats a Zigbee coordinator so you’ll implement Zigbee devices with it.

For WiFi you can look towards: esphome, Tasmota or