Is there a need for a nice Wall Panel / Would you buy one of these?

Hello together,

I am thinking about to sell these wall panels:

I don’t want to make some advertising just getting some feedback of the community.
In general these are Tuya wall panels based on Android. They offer a 8 inch display and an external knob with a dedicated display. It can be used as control and display some information. It also offers an built in amplifier which can drive passive speaker and also include 2 relays for lights and much more.

They come with a lot of disadvantages:

  • Tuya Cloud only
  • Privacy Concerns
  • Not compatible with homeassistant
  • The knob + Display is not useable

I want to build an app which is sold exclusively with such a panel:

  • Control all Homeassistant entities via the knob
  • Selectable Entities which are controllable via the knob
  • No Tuya cloud
  • Pre-Installed Homeassistant companion app
  • Fair price point
  • Would you buy one?
  • Yes
  • No

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  • What is the max price you would pay
  • 99$
  • 199$
  • 249$
  • 299$

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Please share your thoughts and questions / ideas in this thread.

No. I would not… Thats a deal breaker.


My one is not cloud only. This is the big thing. Do you have some other criteria?

The main goal is:

  • Nice looking panel
  • Hardware knob for controlling lights with a physical feedback
  • Builtin Amplifier for TTS and multimedia streaming
  • Good Homeassistant Integration

The price is a really big thing. The hardware on AliExpress is around 300$ I want to achieve a much lower price. But I think it’s not clear for the community what the device offer. Because 6 votes doesn’t seems a lot for me :wink:

Is something unclear?

Just over a year ago, I bought an Acer touch screen monitor. I paid $360. I am sure they are cheaper now. It is 23" and 1920 x 1080.

It works great in a wall with a bit more for cabling (depending on where your setup lives).

No dial. But, is everything I want/need. I’d do another before doing something like this.

Everything you list as a disadvantage is a hard NO for me. Then, you replied that yours is not cloud only and ask for our criteria.

I’ll just say that my criteria would be NONE of the disadvantages you list.

Oh, I just reread and see you want to change those disadvantages for your product. I get it.

Mine just runs off of a PC (or whatever you want. I am using my Blue Iris server to serve the page). So, no updates on it.

Yeah all disadvantages won’t be there on my version. But I cannot do it only for me due some qty reasons. So this is why I made this post.

  • No Cloud
  • Knob Control
  • Additional Display for clock, temperature, weather …
  • Amplifier + Relay for light switches

I want a better version of the NS-Panel Pro but with some haptic control… The Tuya stuff is a big deal breaker so this is why I also made this post.

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No if is not unclear. But the tech you listed. (Tuya) does NOT (notoriously) play well with Homeassistant, which is one of your own goals.

And why I listed it. If you aren’t already aware of how difficult Tuya makes this issue then you aren’t aware of massive issues behind the plan.

The device is sexy I won’t lie but sexy that won’t work or gives me a massive admin headache or things I need to work around or root to have full control is not at all interesting.

Get rid of the builtin firmware and do all those things with a basic android tab running kiosk browser software like Fully Kiosk for $250.00 or less and now you have my interest.

Understand in his space you’re competing against a rooted fire 10 tab which is ~$100 bucks and another $35 for Amazon to clear the login ads and about $10 for the Fully license. (less than 150 total). No it does not have the fancy dial but that’s just nice to have.


This is the PLAN! Exactly what I want:
The Companion app of HomeAssistant + a little helper App for the knob (which gets the entities from HomeAssistant and send the inputs back to HomeAssistant) . NO Tuya, NO Cloud. 100% Local. Fully debloat the firmware.

Just Android including HomeAssistant + App for the knob. No Tuya Software.

But it can’t be done for just 1pcs …. I am thinking about kickstarter or something else… But before I do it I need a understanding if this has a market / potential

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What sort of sensors, if any, would this device expose?

@Participant What do you expect…?

Current concept is that the device connects to the HA-Server, get all entities and the user select which he wants to control via the knob.
If the user spins or presses the knob it will send the changes to home-assistant. Via the API.

EDIT: If you have any other questions/ ideas just let me know and discuss it here in the thread.

EDIT2: Multiroom Audio another great use case. It has an 2ch amplifier included so using snap cast (opensource multiroom auidio) was never that nice

None of this was clear. Can’t wait for a Kickstarter description :slight_smile:

Really, you will need to be clear on what you want to build. After several responses, I can look back and see what you ‘might’ want to provide. But, not based on your initial post.

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What was not clear? I mentioned it several times. But the feedback is not really good enough to start. I will try to do it myself and post again if I am done I think a picture / videos of the result are more interesting as only text…

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I guess you completely missed the point of the first post…

The OP wants to re-code the thing to run the native HA app, removing all sense of Tuya and the Cloud.

Please read posts thoroughly before going off on a tangent.


If you want it to compete with a NS Panel, then you need to provide some kind of mounting too and you need to handle the power connection, so it does not increase the size on the wall too much,

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Yes. This is also a good thing. The end product will have an stand for a desk and also

@sparkydave … You’re absolutely right.

To all of you:

The feedback is not looking in the right direction. Could anybody who voted for “No” explain their decision? This would be great to see why you don’t want to buy such a panel?

I know a lot of HA users put panels on their wall, but I still see no real use for such a thing.


Hi! Can you share the links about the screen and the bñue iris server? How it works with home assistant?

I have a Lenovo Tablet hanging on my wall, acting as a display for Home Assistant and would definitely buy a dedicated device from you. It took me hours to mount it and still I’m not satisfied as i keep having problems with supply, restarts and so on. Simply, tablet isn’t a device dedicated to be hanging on a wall. At least that particular model. We all need a device powered from Ethernet, without a battery, with at most optional wifi, being able to sense if someone is looking at it and controllable from Home Assistant as any other device. If that thing would do that than I’m in.

After my experience with the Tuya device and especially the cloud, I would definitely not buy it. Today I’m glad I don’t have any Tuya devices.
I only use the Lenovo tablet as an HA monitor and I am satisfied.

Some basic ones, probably room brightness, some sort of motion sensor, preferably with the ability to discern between someone being near/engaging with the device versus just in the same room, temperature if it’s not off due to the heat from the unit, and the ability to act as a BT proxy for HA like ESPHome can do with ESP32s.

Regarding audio, if it had speakers, probably AirPlay2, DLNA and squeezelite support as options. A microphone with a hardware cutoff would be nice for voice, etc support.

I think a hard requirement would be that all configuration can be done remotely, off device, preferably in HA.

This is HA specific code and I do not think there is an android code available.

This is Apple specific code and don’t expect it to be available on Android.
The code in HA and on all non-Apple products are hacks and reverse-engineered, so they may have missing features, errors and may break when Apple deploy updates.
Apple is not known for playing nicely with third parties, so avoid their products if you are any interoperability.

quote=“Participant, post:19, topic:621389”]

This is a Logitech specific code and all though android clients are available, then it might not be that interoperable with HA as you would like.

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