Is there a non-HA command line tool to set zwave device parameters?

Whilst I’m awaiting the HomeAssistant issue "Z-Wave parameters drop down menu is not working 0.67.0b0 (github issue) is there another non-HomeAssistant way for me to view/change some zwave device parameters?

Some ozw command line tools that could run on the raspbian? (is this not possible technically as the devices are paired to my zwave stick which is being used by home assistant)

I’m running HA 0.67.0, on Raspbian, with Aeotec Zwave stick. Actual issue I’m having which prompted me to ask this is here.

I run ozwcp in docker container. I use this for add/delete/change zwave

thanks - do you use this one?

Just noting that latest release of HomeAssistant included a fix for the zwave set parameters not showing, so I can now use HA