Is there a Smart over the range microwave

This may be my OCD but I was wondering if anyone makes over the range microwaves that I could use HA to control the exhaust vent or even the light? I have been doing more with air quality and when you cook, sometimes a lot of nasty stuff gets into the air. It would be nice when air quality takes a dive I can turn on that vent on the microwave since most things that affect it are in the kitchen.

In addition, it might me nice to have this as a way to vent if ever the smoke/CO detector goes off. Right now, should that happen or the air quality go down, I do have my bathroom vents all turning on to help evacuate the bad air. I just would like to also do it in the kitchen since I do not have a separate vent in there.

Thank you.

You probably have done some homework and googling around already. What are your candidates so far?

What type of rangehood do you have installed in the kitchen that you want to control? folks need more data to work with based on your current setup to allow more clear ideas to provide for options.

Questions like this come up a lot, asking about finding smart devices. When you are talking about appliances, especially, the pool of smart devices is tiny compared to others that are not. Don’t forget if you can find anything that has a remote control then you have the ability to smart it up with an IR blaster, if you have something that has bluetooth it’s possible to sniff out the BT packets and build integration.

The point is that if you can find a smart one, great, but don’t pigeonhole yourself into buying an inferior product only because it’s “smart” (in quote because often they aren’t), buy what works best for your overall needs and make it smarter later.

The fan, though, should be an easy one to do on your own by opening the fan up and putting in an ESP32 in there to control the fan.

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I have found nothing and I think my request of having a microwave as part of it only hinders my search. Samsung didn’t even have anything.

It is not something I can just throw a simple on/off on an outlet. It would have to be something built into the circuitry. You have the clock to worry about, a fan speed controller, then maybe even the light and the light dimmer (consequently, I studied the schematic of my microwave and the “dim” is just inserting a diode in the path of the light so 1/2 the AC sign wave gets clipped off…so you cannot install an LED light).

I would be fine if I could find something that just did the range hood functions and left the microwave functions alone but I have not found anything.

If range hood only and remove microwave from the equation, a couple of people have tried to make their range hood smart:

So not for everyone, but probably not difficult either… arguably easier than finding some off-the-shelf AND with microwave unit that would fit your needs.

For non-US native speakers; He is not looking for a microwave radar sensor, but a smart mircowave oven with build-in exhaust to mount above the stove.

Took me minutes and re-reading the post multiple times before I understood what was requested :slight_smile:

Just posting here for other people that are clueless about range hoods and range stoves. More info: Kitchen hood - Wikipedia