Is there a way to recover my root password?

The root password that I was sure was correct doesnt seem to work when I SSH into my server. Does anyone know a way to reset or recover the password?

That section doesn’t say anything about the SSH password for the console. That’s what I need.

Well, can you log in to your HA via GUI ?, if not, you have the Console, attach a keyboard and a monitor , it’s kind of like you lost your key ( to the back door ) use the front or the windows, and solve your SSH ´"issue"
Everything is written down on that Page, everything but your “lost” password ; WHICH you need if you want to login through SSH

So many questions.
How did you install Home Assistant?
Is it really SSH, or is it one of the SSH add-ons?

I installed the Home Assistant operating system on a PC that is dedicated to HA. I used this method - Generic x86-64 - Home Assistant

I can login to my SSH add on that brings me to the Home Assistant command line. I’m trying to login to my root user in Linux.

That’s kind of the point of the HAOS - it’s locked down. It does not expose the root user to SSH, or in fact any user. SSH at the OS level is disabled unless you go down the route of manually enabling it with a USB stick.

Or do something like this: