Is there an easy way to detect broken automations?

Every time I change a device and this could be something automatically changed without my help from an update, some of my automations end up getting problems because that device and state are no longer applicable.

I could also extend this to helper groups, too.

Is there an easy way or report or some sort of screen that shows me, “Hey, these automations/helpers are broken because the device is no longer or the entity changed.” That way, I can easily find them and fix them.

Thank you in advance oh wise ones…

The custom integration Spook is able to do this.

Agreed! This component should be the part of HA…it’s “a must have” addon. Not only shows broken automations, but also missing entities etc…

Thank you so much @Floo! This is exactly what I needed! @Protoncek you are correct, this should be part of the standard installation.

Now it’s even your homie! :slight_smile: (It used to say “not your homie”)

Spook was released for general use about a month ago.
Before that is was against the share license to even use it. You were supposed to treat it as a reference/inspiration to write your own stuff.

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It’s my understanding that a “broken” automation will automatically have its state set to unavailable (other reasons will also cause the state to unavailable).


  1. Use Developer Tools > States to list all automations that are unavailable.

  2. Create a Template Sensor that reports the quantity of unavailable automations.

  3. Create an automation that posts a notification when any automation’s state has changed to unavailable.