Is there an OS Boot log?

Hi, I am having trouble with my kit - mostly when recovering from a power failure.
Sometimes it just doesn’t boot up, the log files in /config are no use because they only start after its booted.
This morning I removed the device from its cabinet and booted it on the bench - with a monitor attached.
Of course it works perfectly today!

When its configured like this I can see all the linux bootup stuff on the monitor.
So the question is: Is this OS Boot info logged anywhere (or can it be configured to log it) so that when it goes off the reservation I have some evidence to look at?

Raspberry PI 4
OS Version = Home Assistant OS 12.1
HA Core = 2024.3.3


Settings → System → Logs → Host

MaxK thanks - good start; I didn’t know about that.
Do you know where it is on the file system? The reason is I cant look at failed state because the front end never comes up.
Also if they are not immediately overwritten I may be able to get to yesterdays issues.

See #5 here: How to Troubleshoot Raspberry Pi Crashing.