Is there any way for making weekly/monthly sensor graphs in lovelace?

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knowing the limits of built-in history graph, I’m using mini-graph-card to render water usage graphs from values generated by utility_meter integration.
I’ve got three graphs: usage per hour, daily usage, monthly usage. all in bar format.
hourly usage works almost fine [I’m displaying last 24h, so I’ve got 24-bars; shame that they are not formated for strict hours [like: 0:00 - 1:00, 1:00 - 2:00 etc.] but I can live with that, it’s just a value to see if there’s something wrong happening [I did have a major leak earlier, so seeing the graph helps to prevent any more damage ;)]
but I can’t get daily and monthly usage to display correct values, or even to show the right number of bars… I know that I can change the number of points per hour, but it kinda sucks & still, values displayed are not accurate and not equal to real measured ones…

is there any other way or addon that I can incorporate in lovelace to do it?

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Have a look at Grafana and InfluxDB.

I knew it somebody will mention that & still I don’t know why I didn’t add that I know grafana but it’s too slow for me (tried that, graphs are terribly sluggish with refresh) & also I don’t want to use a big workhorse for a small job :wink:
oh, and AFAIR there’s no clean method to use grafana’s graphs in lovelace [I remember there was some trick with grabbing images and putting them as camera static etc.; maybe it’s changed for now, but still - because of mentioned reasons grafana is a no-go for me].

so thanks for the suggestion, but right now the question & search remains opened :slight_smile:

Why is this limit there at all? And at such seemingly arbitrary 80 hours.

I have no idea, if you’re asking me :wink:

I use mini-graph-card, even for daily usage and it works finie for me.

However I think the 2021 lovelace graph card challenger is ApexCharts :
ApexCharts card - A highly customizable graph card - Share your Projects! / Lovelace & Frontend - Home Assistant Community (

I’ve not taken time to try it yet, but looks very promising and developper is reactive.

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@Shaad you showed a hourly humidity for the last 24hrs - and sure, it works fine for me too [not perfect, but fine it is]. the issue I was writing about over a year ago is connected with weekly and monthly charts - try to configure the chart so it has 7 bars [for weekly] and 30 bars [for monthly] - that’s when the “fun” begins :wink:

What I say is :

can you share your over 7 days card config for mini-graph please?
I’ll compare it with mine and maybe that would answer my, not-so-crucial, problem [more like an OCD issue ;)]

the thing with ApexCharts is, I saw it earlier, but I don’t want to add another integration/script/addon just to display two charts [those connected to my original question]; and on the second hand - I am not too happy to rewrite all my charts from mini-graph to apex, to remove redundand addons/modules, as right now I have too many of them to make it quickly while other things have higher priority, if you know what I mean :slight_smile:

Sure, I will.
My 7-days graph use the last value from yesterday of a utility_meter sensor I think to remember. But I will post the code back at home.

EDIT : oups, did not see that the original post was a year ago… :confused:

The mini-graph card I use :

          - aggregate_func: max
            cache: false
              - color: green
                value: 0
              - color: orange
                value: 9
              - color: red
                value: 12
              - entity: sensor.conso_jour_kwh
              - entity: var.temp_ext_moyenne_jour
                y_axis: secondary
                show_state: true
                show_indicator: true
                show_legend: true
            group_by: date
            hour24: true
            height: 200
            hours_to_show: 169
            lower_bound: 0
            upper_bound: 50
            lower_bound_secondary: -5
            upper_bound_secondary: 20
              graph: bar
              icon: false
              labels: hover
              name: false
            type: 'custom:mini-graph-card'

thanks! now I can’t remember why I did that - but after comparing with your config, I had an unnecessary mess with points_per_hour. after throwing it out my weekly graph is fine :sweat_smile: monthly chart still is not what it should be, but I guess that it’s because there’s no way to group data by month [rather than date/hour/interval]

haha don’t worry. I almost forgot about this post, and because those charts were not crucial, as I mentioned [the most important thing was meter’s numeric state displayed on them, so charts were only a cool visual addition], it kinda fell down from the todo list :wink: