Is there something like a general purpose week day timer?

I basically looking for a replacement for a general week day timer, that supports a switching profile for weekdays (at least weekday and weekend / holiday) including a UI / lovelace card.

I was using a lot of these real hardware devices (e.g. to control lights / pumps etc.

Now in the age of smart home, I want to replace those with a simple smart switch and …?

Looking around in HA there is no easy solution. I know that you can create all kind of cards, timers, automations … but this is not simple at all, and maintaining becomes quickly a nightmare.

My idea is: create an instance of a weekday timer, config the device it should control, create a card to config times, day profile etc.

I don’t want (if avoidable) to deal with all the internal timers, automation, cards and “row-switches” and what else is maybe needed to make it work, configurable and nice looking.

Best Steve

There was a similar question already over here: How to implement this Heating Timer Card and Logic but no replies.

There drafted UI covers well enough what the functionality should be.

The weekly schedule helper can be set up from the UI. This then can be used to automate things.

Alternatively there’s this: