Is this a new Sonoff device? Sonoff Mini

Apologies if I’m wrong, but this appears to be a new device from Sonoff.


Stumbled upon it in an advert on my Facebook feed. Appears to be a direct competitor to the Shelly 1 device, even comes pre-wired to connect to an external switch. I’m guessing it’s just a Sonoff Basic put into a more user friendly package.

Sorry mods, I seem to have posted this in the wrong forum, if it could be moved to the Hardware forum.

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Couldn’t find it on their site but there’s some new R3 products.
Basic R3 and RFR3.
They advertise the Rest api for connecting to existing home automation systems.

I saw the ifan2 on ebay before it was on their site but also see a lot of units advertised as sonoff but aren’t

Looks like a move in response to the Shelly, which is quite small and lets you wire a physical switch. But yeah, no mention on

Yeah there are definitely counterfeit devices that use the popularity of the Sonoff name. This looks pretty convincing though. I’d still wait for an official announcement from itead.

I’m shocked at how suspicious you are of Chinese companies ripping of IP! :smile:


Just noticed it does say preorder.

I reckon it could legit.
The itead page for the new R3 sonoff basic uses some of the same images as the bangood listing:

But weird that they launched basic R3 and some other new stuff and didnt announce this at the same time…

Ah actually the mini is mentioned by sonoff employee on that page in the comments:


So IMO its official

And this fully confirms it:


Any telling what this is based on, still esp8266 I assume? Would be nice to know how likely it is to work with ESPHome.

I’m looking for something like this that works with a physical momentary switch (spring loaded toggle switch). So one press for on, one press for off, long press for dimming. I know aeotec make one but it’s so expensive. Anyone have any clues?

If (when) Tasmota can be flashed to this device, momentary operation would be supported. Long press can be implemented in Home Assistant using automations, see: Tasmota Long Press

Looking at the FCC filing: yes, it has an ESP8285 on the board.

These look very promissing.

Also, according to their manual, I dont get why they have two Neutral connections, what would be the functionality of a second N input?
There’s also no connection example that uses it


Ease of wiring. Look at the fan example in the middle. Rather than joining the sonoff neutral, incoming neutral and outgoing load neutral with a wire nut you can just insert the two neutrals in the terminal block. Like this:


Ah yes, that sounds reasonable.
I was excited that it would serve some new purpose :smiley:

Yes but unfortunately not the dimming bit. There is a large gap in the market for a cheap flashable retrofit dimmer like the aotec ones

We’ll be able to flash it - gnd, 3v3, tx and tx are broken out.

Unfortunately only to pretty small solder pads, but I guess that’s the price for such a compact device.
Also I assume that is aligned w iteads strategy to also open a diy rest api - they prefer you use the oob firmware and their api


Hope they get certified for Australian use


But it is not advertised or designed as a dimmer, you might as well say that it fails to provide a vehicle to land man on the moon.