Is this some sort of weird april fools joke - crooked cards?

The Home Assistant team as a whole is innocent and did not know about this.

This was all my doing (and yours for installing card-mod - a third-party thing that exists solely to alter the appearance of the frontend).


I can appreciate it. :slight_smile:
So obvious it is an april fools joke. I don’t mind it, no negative effects on my side.
Thanks for making me laugh.


This made me smile… after it made me confused.
The changes were subtle and I wondered what was going on… when I saw it was not only on mobile but also the web, I realised, “Ah, it’s April Fool’s!”.
I loved it, and now am happy for it to go away. Thanks @thomasloven ! :smile:


I still have crooked cards after uninstalling the card-mod, have tried different browsers and clearing the cache, its still the same. Any suggestions?

I couldn’t agree more. I understand that the idea is funny at first, but the risk of issues and time wasted trying to fix this before understanding it’s a part of a joke is imo just silly. It’s somewhat comparable with:

The idea is great at first, but not if you give it a thorough through. Still appreciating @thomasloven 's work. No hard feelings, just sharing my opinion about this matter.

Edit: The update in HACS is really appreciated. :slight_smile:


I’m gonna call you out on this, don’t care that you’re a moderator, actually that should mean you hold yourself to a higher standard. Your attitude here sucks. It’s not “just” tilting the cards if it’s causing someone’s instance to be unstable. It’s like you’re brushing off this person’s issue as unimportant.


It’s really decent of you to apologize. Thanks for making your cards available, they help a lot of people. Sometimes people have lapses in judgment, but you fixed it and did the right thing.


I was with you right up until that.

No need to blame the victim(s)…

I’m glad that not everyone distrusts literally everything and everyone. especially those that are supposed to be the trusted ones.

I hope you didn’t just plant an idea in someone’s head about doing something like this but really truly maliciously instead of just as a prank.


this is absolutely not funny and has had real and detrimental consequences today for me.

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it has stopped dropdown menus from input_selects displaying properly which has caused real problems for me today

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I got card-mod through installing the Lovelace minimalist theme.
Shows the dangers of installing anything


Made me smile, and I had no issue at all!
Thanks for your efforts Thomas!

Had a lot of clients to apologise to this morning as a result.
I get this wasn’t done maliciously, however this has resulted in a lot of work and headache for me this morning which I didn’t need.


What browser are you using? Because this sounds like a hidden bug has been exposed, but I can’t reproduce it in Chrome, Safari or Edge.

Sorry again for the inconvenience.

It’s a custom card and he’s swearing at me like I made the change. You think I’m going to respond nicely when I’m just passing along the information? No, I’m not. Respect is a 2 way street.


omg, i was going to reinstall all… btw, nice when you know about it… just put a message somewhere on the dashboard to prevent panic

Well, I didn’t had card mod but my whole HA is f**ked, anyone know why? android HA app is same as well

That interface looks pretty normal. I suggest you open a new thread. Make sure to provide logs and a detailed description of the problem.

Nm seems topical

Check the left menu :^)

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Yep, missed that