Is this some sort of weird april fools joke - crooked cards?

Hi, All my cards are on weird angles, and home assistant is unstable. I am on the latest version ( Home Assistant 2022.3.5), which I only upgraded to a recently, and have had no end of problems, spending hours each day for the last week or two trying to get it to work properly, then today it is running really slow, is unstable, freezes all the time and the cards are all crooked - This is after setting up the energy dashboard.

Previous to this I was using a version from july last year which was working fine since I installed last August.

Anyone else with this problem ?
The old version which I am running as a backup to collect and store all data on another RPi 4 doesn’t have theses problems. The Pi’s are not connected to the internet so haven’t been hacked.

April Fools!
Wonder how mich effort went into that and which update it was included in

And this is the old version from july last year - still running without a problem

It’s an Easter egg in card mod


If its an easter egg in card mod it is a pretty f**ked up easter egg if causing home assistant to be unstable.


It’s just tilting the card…. Take it up with the developer or don’t use the card.


There’s a PR to fix it here:

I guess all we can do is upvote and hope for a release before this blows up timezone by timezone since pretty much everyone uses thomasloven’s cards. I’m not really sure what they were thinking with this, not really ok IMO. I fully agree with the PR author.


Thanks @petro and @centralcommand, i copied over an old version and it has fixed the problem of crooked cards, and the freezing of the dashboard.

And here I was thinking it was the energy dashboard as that was the last thing I was playing with last night and had major problems trying to get my MQTT data from power meters in Watts to display in dashboard.

I must admit I did not consider the risk of instability. I suppose the rotation transform relies on hardware acceleration.

An updated card-mod has been released.

I’m sorry.


I love your sense of humour Thomas. What a shame it had side effects…!


I was going crazy … after a couple of reboot I realized that today is the first of April …


HAHA!!! I appreciate the fun. I didn’t have any issues with this. It’s a shame some people were having issues

Anyway, thanks for the fun. Lessons learnt I guess.

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Nice one! Took me a while to think of April Fools Day.

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Yeah, some cards are crooked for me, no stability or performance issues though.

Assumed it’d be April fools

EDIT, seems to have resolved for me now.

If your frontend looks weird today - Community Post

Well played. I didn’t experience any instability.
Took me some time to figure it out.

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Seriously, how can I get rid of this tilt of the cards?
Redownloading other versions of card-mod won’t get this back to normal.
This is driving me crazy because if you go to settings/integration page and click on the 3 dots of any integration, the options will go beneath the tilted cards so you can hardly access those.

Appears that after I cleared cache on my chrome browser, it is back to normal.

Well, I just got back from the psych ward, OCD is a mutha . . .

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Yeah, picked a bad day to work on my scripts as well…

Dear Home Assistant Team - for 2023, please put the Easter Eggs/April fools things on your web-site, not my HA Dashboard.