Is this the perfect standalone tablet for HA?

Great - let us know what you come up with!

I tried embedding it in a web card and it didn’t work very well but that was in a bubble card popup which I use for other displays in my thinksmart dashboards. Still need to work this out.

I have run into an issue playing albums from a NAS - when a track ends, it doesn’t play the next but the timer continues counting. Have you seen anything similar?

Tried a few things to try and get the next track in the playlist or album to play but it doesn’t work. Would be interested to hear if anyone else has the same issues.

Same issue. Timer keeps running and doesn’t start the next track. I was convinced it had something to do with the “Enable Queue Flow Mode” setting but it’s the same even when I turn that off.

Yes I was the same when I saw that.
Confirmed that it does play ok when using my Sonos speakers so something to do with fully kiosk or the device. Was thinking about logging an issue but don’t think we will get very far due to the nature of our devices :frowning:

Hi All, couple of updates, and some questions. I’ve figured out the reason for the inconsistency with YAKK. On the lenovo I was testing on, I had fully kiosk and open camera (which was a test to see if it installed some drivers to resolve the issue of having to have teams to get fully kiosk to use the camera to turn the screen on/off). Turns out that removing open camera, and removing camera permissions from fully kiosk (you have to try multiple times to really turn it off) gets YAKK working wonderfully, and you can uninstall the teams app. Really happy with the set up now.

Second item, for folks having some issues with the 8.1 setup using the original deadman process, found something out when setting up a new unit. After you install Magisk, and the file,, and, you should reboot a few times, and then go into Magisk. You’ll see that there is an update to BusyBox. If you don’t do this update, you’ll have issues with installing the bromite webview, and, at least for me, you’ll end up without a webview showing in developer options, and fully kiosk won’t work.

On the Music Assistant, are folks using a tab in Fully Kiosk to control it locally on the Thinkview or are you setting up a card? I’m trying to wrap my head around how I’d use it. (as I said previously, I’m using an app called Tempo to select and play music on the Lenovos) Whole house streaming might be something, but that seems problematic. I do like the idea of announcements, and maybe automations that play something on particular lenovos at particular times, or in response to events, but not sure if that’s possible.

Any thoughts appreciated.


Re the music assistant - I’ve been using it mostly from the Left hand menu. I did try it in a web card but performance was bad. Don’t try much though. Also messed with my header and side bar settings. Still need to figure that out and how to get it working properly within my dashboard.

Thanks pgale. for some reason, I don’t have it showing in my left hand menu, going to dig into that today. But, when its on the left hand menu, is the player automatically associated with the device? Reason I’m asking is that when I access MA via the browser, I need to select the player, and I’ve got multiple lenovos, which would be a pain.

There’s an option to show it in the menu so you’ve probably not got that checked.

You setup player devices such as Sonos and fully kiosk devices. Then in the UI, you select which device to play the music on and can play different tracks on different players. It doesn’t default to the player you’re browsing the UI from i.e. there’s no ‘this device’ option.

In the player settings you can also rename the player otherwise you’d get a load of Lenovo xxxxx devices with the same name.

The issue I’m going to have to solve is that I have my dashboard on each device showing the regular info and lighting controls etc. I use bubble card for its popup functionality. So I have a row of buttons at the bottom that animate in full screen panels with vertical stacks of cards. I’ve successfully setup web pages in these such as but the music assistant didn’t work very well like this. So I might need to have some other link to a full screen web page showing Music Assistant. But then how do I get back is the next question. I’m kind of resistant to the menu, header and side bar that HA has and I hide that in kiosk mode.

Would be good if there was a card for Music Assistant rather than the full page that shows now.

Thanks for the help. Maybe an automation that switches to full screen web page, and includes a timer to return to the main dashboard? That’s what I’m using with the Tempo Android app for music now; button on my dashboard that switches to Tempo, and then after two minutes, pushed fully kiosk back to the foreground.

It’s an idea but I don’t think the timer bit would work for me. Needs a back button!

For what it’s worth…I was able to confirm that this issue of not playing the next track is also present on my Fire tablets - so it’s not unique to the Lenovo. Seems to be an issue with Fully Kiosk itself rather than the device.

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Well that’s positive - means it’s more likely to be fixed then.

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Mine is playing fine, FWIW, I am using DLNA, and the Wallpanel app. I am just using the sidebar

I think it’s a fully kiosk specific bug.

@pgale I got it now for about 70$ as B-Stock in as new condition. That was the best deal I found. It even cost more from a private seller. Thank you both for your advice and tips.

Hope you have fun with it :grin:

I see that the bug report on GitHub has been acknowledged and someone will look at it.

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I’ve finally gotten around to flash 8.1 with edl. How do I go about being able to get sound and play from a video from youtube? I’ve tried chrome, brave, firefox. Nothing seems to play the video or have sound. Is there an fix? tia