Is this wifi switch supported? ANKUOO / MS6126

Jaycar in Australia now stock a 240VAC switch module about the size of a zwave module. It is cheap at A$30 but not sure if it’s supported by HA?

It is branded as “ANKUOO” and the manual mentions “MS6126 WiFi control module”. If it’s not supported, how hard is it to develop a component for it?

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I have another type ankuoo switch.
It is supported as type: sp2 in broadlink component

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Are your switches still working on version 0.67+?
I have the NEO switches and I can’t control any of them after going to 0.67.1.

There is problem with HA that was fixed in 67.1

But also a problem occur with broadlink library so now need to wait for new library release

I stay on 65.5
That is last working HA release for me

Thanks for this!

Thank you!
I appreciate your follow-up.

Just out of interest, how did you figure out that ankuoo are broadlink devices? I can see no connection.

I found it in forum somewhere. Took no intelligence on my part. Cut and paste.

I’m certain someone took one apart and found broadcom chip inside and figured it out

It just occurred to me that broadlink shows in the Wi-Fi properties of the device in router

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just installed 0.68. My SP2 Switches still work.
0.66-0.67.* did not work for me. Switches wouldnt be seen or could not be controlled.

Thanks for the update

Hey did you get one of these and make it work? I see Jaycar sell them in NZ too, and I thought I’d get one and have a play.

I got one, but I haven’t connected it yet. I need to update my to 0.68. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I got two from Jaycar and I added one tonight using the following under 0.68.1 but although in HA, I cannot turn on the module. Works with the app though.

  • platform: broadlink
    mac: ‘ac:cf:xx:8d:00:xx’
    type: sp2
    friendly_name: ‘Downstairs Hall Light’

That’s a shame, have you opened one up?

No ESP8266 in there I’m afraid. Tried all the ‘sp’ variants without success. Bummer.

@xbmcnut it looks like you saved me some money!

Did you have any joy?

My Ankuoo(sp2) have been a bit woonky since update to 0.68.1

I have one that does not update. Other (8) are OK
0.65.5 was last time I have no issue so I would test there first if setting up for first time. I have not had time to look into current issue with single switch

When I get some time, I’ll build a Pi system based on that older version and try again.

Does anyone know the username and password when logging into it directly via a browser on port 80. The password and username that you set up doesn’t work.??