iSmart Alarm

iSmart alarm integration with all its sensors. If it is possible…

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    I am also looking for the same

+1, I’d love this too

I also use iSmartAlarm and am thinking of migrating to HA. Does HA support basic arming/disarming of iSmartAlarm systems?

I use it but in conjunction with IFTTT & the Maker channel.

Basically I have a http request that will arm and one that will disarm the alarm.

I am working on state reporting - I think I can get the alarm to write to a google doc the state change, this in turn can write to a text file and I could read that. Still the ‘embryo’ of an idea though :slight_smile:

I expose it to Alexa through habridge and to Siri via homebridge. However, I am wary of exposing the disarm command as all it needs is a burglar to break in and say Alexa turn off alarm :slight_smile:


Do you have an example of your HTTP requests to arm and disarm your iSmartAlarm? Could they be fired using the command_line platform and curl in HA?

If you go onto IFTTT and create a Maker applet, you can link it with the iSmart Alarm. You are then presented with a URL<any-command>with/key/<key-given-when-you-create-ap>

eg mine is:

I then have a command line switch and turn it on that way. Below is an extract from my switches.yaml:

  - platform: command_line
        command_on: "/usr/bin/curl -X POST"
        command_off: "/usr/bin/curl -X POST"
        friendly_name: iSmart Alarm

I hope that helps.

I do already have IFTTT applets which turn my iSmartAlarm on/off - when you say “You are then presented with a URL” - where do you see this URL? I don’t see it anywhere???

On the Maker channel. You create an applet on the Maker channel that is linked to the iSmart Alarm if that makes sense?

Hasn’t the Maker channel now been replaced by Webhooks in IFTTT? If so, I don’t see any option to link a Webhook action to iSmartAlarm.

You are correct.

If you go to webhooks and then settings (top right) you can make it there

Took me a while to find it TBH.

OK I managed to find that page. When I click settings I only see this URL:

There’s no option to create an iSmartAlarm (or any other) action on that page. How would I find the relevant URL for iSmartAlarm actions?

I also use iSmartAlarm… An Integration will be usefull.

I really hope a skilled developer out there creates an integration.

I’m currently using IFTTT to send the status of my iSmartAlarm to Home Assistant. When I arm or disarm my alarm it can take 30 minutes before the status is sent, that’s unacceptable if you ask me!

Hi! You could just change your IFTTT trigger word to something other than “turn off alarm” :slight_smile:

Strange. “My” Alexa sends to IFTTT and onwards to iSmart Alarm within seconds…

Alexa and Google Assistant can trigger a iSmartAlarm action within seconds, however whenever iSmartAlarm is the trigger then the response can be massively delayed.

I would like iSmartAlarm to give me a timely update when it’s ARMED or DISARMED and via IFTTT it’s horrendously slow!

It’s been a long time since anyone’s added to this post however I feel that IFTTT Alarm Component is the answer we’ve all been searching for.

I’ve configured mine with the code below and it works flawlessly. You’ll also need to configure IFTTT applets to correspond to each trigger and also for status updates. All instructions are on the component page.

  key: XXXXXXX

  - platform: ifttt
    name: iSmart Alarm
    code: NNNN
    event_arm_away: ismartalarm_arm_away
    event_disarm: ismartalarm_disarm
    event_arm_home: ismartalarm_arm_away
    optimistic: true

I thought I would try to use IFTTT, but just get this:

The code is unclickable as well. Here is my yaml:

  • platform: ifttt
    name: House Alarm
    code: 1234
    event_arm_away: AlarmOn
    event_arm_home: alarm_home
    event_disarm: AlarmOff
    optimistic: true

The events are the trigger words in the IFTTT Webhooks - is that correct? or do I need the full URLs?

This I what I get too upon first adding it. To resolve use the HASS services to update the status and the panel will become active.

This get pretty annoying cause it happens on every reboot of Hass. To resolve I’ve an automation to save the status and restore it after reboot.

Below is the code i use to Save and Restore the state:

    name: Save iSmartAlarm State

  - alias: Save State
      platform: state
      entity_id: alarm_control_panel.ismart_alarm
      - service: input_text.set_value # save iSmartAlarm state on any changes
          entity_id: input_text.input_text_ismartalarm
          value: "{{ states('alarm_control_panel.ismart_alarm') }}"
  - alias: Restore State
      platform: homeassistant
      event: start
      - service: alarm_control_panel.ifttt_push_alarm_state # restore iSmartAlarm state upon restart
          entity_id: alarm_control_panel.ismart_alarm
          state: "{{ states('input_text.input_text_ismartalarm') }}"
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