Issue - ip adress in interface uknown

I will need some help to set up my system monitor.
I want to dispaly the info on the interface.
My configuration:

- platform: command_line

  name: CPU Temperature

  command: "cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp"

  unit_of_measurement: "°C"

  value_template: '{{ (value | multiply(0.001)) | round(1) }}'

- platform: systemmonitor


    - type: disk_use_percent

      arg: /home

    - type: memory_free

    - type: ipv6_address

      arg: eth0

    - type: ipv4_address

      arg: wlan0

The result

As you can see the IP adress is unknown. Could somebody tell me what I m doing wrong?

Probably because your Ethernet port is not named eth0. There were changes with network port naming recently:

Use the command ifconfig in the terminal to determine your network port names.

Thanks Tom,
How do I access the terminal?

Install the SSH addon or the community SSH addon, Home Assistant Community Add-on: SSH & Web Terminal

I recommend the latter as it has a web based terminal, so no need to use putty or similar tools.

I see in the log that I have eth0 and wlan0
What I am missing?

the terminal snapshot:

It looks to me like you are connected by wifi not Ethernet cable. If so use wlan0 not eth0.

Thank you!
Change the sensor to ipv4 wlan and now it looks OK!