ISSUE Lifx set state service stopped changing colors of bulbs on 2021.4.4

The lifx.set_state service no longer works in 2021.4.4 to change colors. I’ve only been able to use the “hs_color”.

“color_name” and “rgb_color” don’t work. Please fix this since otherwise I’d need to redo a decent chunck of my code

thanks in advanced

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This affects me too:
The code below has worked for a good few years. I had to take both “transition” and “color_name” out of set_state and use in the turn_on method to get it to work for testing. I don’t want to really do that as a permanent solution as it would be a significant amount of rework.
I checked the breaking changes for the last few releases and didn’t see anything.

The code below no longer works.

## Night state
- id: state_set_light_mode_night
  alias: 'Set light state mode - night'
    - platform: state
      entity_id: input_select.house_light_state
      to: 'Night'
   - service: lifx.set_state
       entity_id: group.kitchen_night_lights
       color_name: red
       brightness: 65
#       transition: 10

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Also related to this:

I do have the same issue, rgb colors or names do not work anymore.

Here I thought I was going nuts, I am getting the same thing

Same issue, glad to know its not just me :slight_smile:

nvm, already an update to fix it. Shows how much i pay attention.

it’s been fixed in 2021.5