Issues trying to connect to Nabu Casa Cloud

Issue: Can’t get Android app, iOS app, or web browser to connect to the Nabu Casa URL instance

System: RPi4 running Home Assistant 2024.4.4

Get an SSL error when trying to use the apps or a “Unable to fetch auth providers” when using a browser.

I believe this issue started after updating to 2024.4.4, previously did not have any issues connecting via Nabu Casa from apps both inside and outside my network.
The Nabu Casa website management console shows that I am logged in and connected. The Home Assistant Cloud page also confirms that Nabu Casa is connected and the Remote Control is turned on and connected. The certificate listed does not expire until July 2024.

Anyone else having this issue and determine a solution?

seems to be some intermittent issues: Is Nabu Casa Down Today?.

Hopefully that’s it and it’s resolved quickly…been pulling my hair out trying to figure out what was wrong

I’m having intermittent issues since last night. I did update to HASS OS 12.2, not sure if that could be causing the issue?

Logged a ticket with Nabu Casa ~6 hours ago, but haven’t seen a response yet.

+1 same issue here for the last 24 hours or so

Same, but works this morning. First time I’ve had trouble for more than a few minutes. I was beginning to think it had something to do with my setup. I have layers of subnets and a virtualized firewall thats a bit over my head. I just sat down to tackle it, but alas its working. Why were there so few of us.

I was getting SSL errors when connecting yesterday, but they resolved themselves overnight.

If this was a Nabu Casa issue, it would be helpful to know. I looked at their site yesterday, but didn’t see any outage notifications. Does anyone know if that exists?


i don’t know if that exists but i think it’s safe to say it was on nabu casa’s end. sounds like it resolved for everyone overnight without us changing anything. agreed though - it’d be nice if they had a way to check (down detector is of limited use here). and agreed that it’s weird that it seems to have just been a handful of us.