Issues when controlling AC unit with broadlink

I recently bought a new broadlink rm4 mini to control my AC unit in my living room.
I managed to get it set up and show up in HA.
While reading about the best way to control it via HA I stumbled across the SmartIR integration and used that for the Json file.
The issue I am having is that while using the thermostat card with the entity from SmartIR I can’t seem to control the power of the ac unit.
To be able to turn on the AC I need to press the power off in the thermostat card and then change the heating mode so the thermostat card shows up as “on”.
I’m guessing it’s an issue with either the json file or with configuring the thermostat card but I can’t seem to fix it on my own.
Hopefully I explained myself correctly….

Can’t find anything about this - can you give a link?

My mistake, it’s smartir
I corrected the original post

It looks to me like you are experiencing an issue with the referring json file. Did you learn the commands for your AC brand/type manually or is it already supported by SmartIR/Climate?

OK, found SmartIR on Github. The docs mention HA and HACS, but I still can’t find any reference to it in either. There was a long discussion on this forum in February 2019 (over 1,000 posts). I suspect it doesn’t work too well.

I’d suggest using the Broadlink integration just to test the principle, before you spend any more time on it.

Been using it for years, it works perfectly using broadlink and 3 split system AC’s and a ceiling Fan
Its a custom integration thats why not reference as a HA integration

Maybe the over 1000 posts means it popular

Sorry! :flushed:

Probably something to do with copying the Json file then.

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no need to be sorry, you did nothing wrong

I’m worried now that I can’t find it on HACS. Has the name changed?

Yup, I can confirm @aidbish comment: SmartIR is working perfectly in conjunction with the Broadlink integration. Never ran into any issues with it with 4 AC units.

Regarding @Shayvasa’s OP, maybe you want it to try with the simple-thermostat card instead of using it with the standart thermostat card?

i think you need to add as custom repository,
probably easiest to just download from repository and manually install. it also has its own update mechanism

I used the supported json that came with the integration and changed the off command because it wasn’t working. Used the learn command on the broadlink integration for that

I tried the simple thermostat and still ran into the same issue.
I’m pretty sure it’s a problem with the json file but I can’t find any documentation on how to create my own or edit and add/remove commands from it

If you are using the json which comes with SmartIR/Climate and have chosen the correct file exactly for the AC brand and model there shouldn’t be a reason for changing any commands within the file since those commands are usualy accurate.

However, for generating a SmartIR code database using your Broadlink to learn them you can use this tool which works pretty well (a brief description of the tool here).