Issues with autostart and manual start takes 10 min

Hi there,

My issue is following:
I used the instruction to install home assistant manually.

Then I used this introduction to autostart ha:

User is set to root

When I reboot my raspberry 1 revision B, ha is not startet.
As I found out, /srv/homeassistant/homeassistant_venv/bin must be set to the $PATH variable, which is not mentioned in the docs.

After adding the right path, I was able to use “hass” also without the virtual environment. But then the next error occurred:
After rebooting my rasp, the PATH variable is reset again and so the path to ha is missing again.
So I added following line to root/.bashrc and ~/.bashrc using the pi user:

But that doesn’t seemed to fix the issue. Still the same error in /var/opt/homeassistant/home-assistant.log:
bash: hass: command not found

Another issue is, that if I reboot the rasp and start ha manually, it takes like 10 minutes until I can access the frontend.
He always does things like on every start:

Does anybody know, how to solve this?

Thank you

Assuming you have Raspian Jessie OS installed, it uses systemd so you should use the systemd instructions to get autostart working… Half way down the page there is a template for a manual installation, which should cover your environment.

Running with an original B will test your patience. I have a B+ running and it s currently at about 40% cpu occupancy (with influxdb running as well). Startup times are around a minute or two, provided I keep my database small.

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