Issues with ESPHome since Update Home Assistant 2023.2.3

Has anyone started having issues with sensors dropping out and coming back online randomly since Home Assistant 2023.2.3 update?

Not that I’m seeing in practice or in logs.

Yes. I had to do the following (one by one for all 43 of my esphome devices):

  1. Delete the device from home assistant on the Settings → Devices & Services page (don’t worry it will all come back).
  2. Delete the password from my esphome device yaml (I had password and encryption).
  3. Upload the new config to the device.
  4. Add the discovered device back to home assistant.

If I did not do this I had continual drop-outs after removing the password. Others reported the same in the release notes topic for devices they had deleted the password from.

in my config, none of my 3 devices is shown in the dashboard anymore. They are still in the Integration panel for ESPHome, but the add-on dashboard is empty
fwiw, I have not changed anything to those devices , and dont use pi’s either, other than wifi…

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Are the device yaml files still in config/esphome ?

yes they are:

last changed on dec 2 and dec 14 respectively, though I seem to recall having updated the devices in the dashboard later than that

Things to try (in order):

  • Clear your browser cache, try a different web browser.
  • Restart the addon.
  • Reinstall the addon.
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wow, this is embarrassing…

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All of my 20+ ESPHome devices showed as working on the ESPHome page but HAS show all as unavailable.

I tried restoring the backup made with the 2023.4.0 (which seems to have failed) but everything came up after a reboot.