Issues with HA & ALD092CHA (AU)

Hi all,

New to HA (this week), and smart home items generally (though not to tech).
I have a number of Arlec 9W purchased from Bunnings some time ago, using these in Tuya without issue for some time.

Have installed HA on an Odroid this week and attempted to integrate Tuya, however none of the ALD092CHA’s have been recognised. It does instantly pickup the strip lights from Tuya but none of the downlights. I’ve searched on the forum without getting a hit on that model.

So seeking advice on the best way to integrate these into HA?
From what I can tell, these may have an issue flashing via Tasmota due to a Firmware update? (not super comfortable with soldering tbh).
Though it does appear as though it can be flashed via ESPHome… not sure the difference between this and Tasmota? - []

Now that I have settled on HA I will do more thorough research as to integrations for future purchases, but if anyone could point me in the right direction to get these functional in HA would be much appreciated. Also, has anyone had success integrating the Deta switches & powerpoints into HA?

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the forum.

There’s a little bit of light reading for you here.

I would flash them with ESPhome.

How would you rate the ALD092CHA LED light? I’m about to buy 10 of them and flash them with ESPHome.