Issues with hassio

Hi there

I’m testing since a month hassio and I’m having some issues.

often, when I try to display history, HA start using ram and restarts; it doesn’t matter if I try from my laptop, tablet or phone.
this is an issue perse, but it becomes a big one when, after the restart, my alarm is disarmed.

I installed some addons: apcupsd, dropbox sync, configurator, mariadb for the recorder, rtl4332mqtt, nginx, mosquitto broker.

running on 0.83.2, the sd card is quite good and big enough (32 GB)

I’m using konnected as alarm

so, some questions:

  • is raspberry 3 enough to run an hassio instance for a small home?
  • is there any way to debug what’s going on?
  • is it normal that an HA restart leaves the alarm in a different state?

TIA for any hint

  1. yes
  2. if you are running then not really except identifying problems by process of elimination
  3. yes (HA by itself does not remember last state of an entity)

thank you for your answer

good to know :smiley:

what should I eliminate? I mean: if I display history in the morning I have no problem, it works… I read somewhere here that having mariadb instead of sqlite is a good thing.
I already excluded entities and whole domains from my history and logbook (can’t access the config ATM)
is there any log anywhere? how do I access it?
I use linux since 20 years ago, and log digging is not an issue for me, nor bug hunting or reporting.
Hassio is quaite different… just give me a key to “open” it :slight_smile:

ok… is there any solution fot it? I mean, if such a feature is not present, there’s no much affordability IMO

thank you again

This custom alarm component has persistence of state through restart/reboot:

However your Pi should not be restarting when you view history. You should try to determine why that is happening. Have you tried excluding unneeded items or domains?

Yes it does.

it’s just HA that seems to crash and restart… all other services (addons) aren’t affected
so, it’s not the pi that reboots
I apologize for the misunderstanding

Then what does your Home Assistant log file say is the reason for the crash?

thank you for your answer…

do you mean the log I see into config dir?
ATM I can’t access it, I’ll take a look asap

Yes. That is the log file.

ok… will make some tests and report back