ISY994i how to integrate it?

Greets all.

New to hassio, but not new to automation (home, scada or otherwise), or to *nix or to systems or to programming.

I have been mucking about with hassio on an odroid-c2 and the forums and website for a little less than a week. Still, I haven’t
yet grokked hassio thinking and method. There is a lot of contradictory and/or obsolete information out there. that’s ok; comes with the turf. So I have some questions that will maybe help me out.


arch: aarch64 (odroid-c2)
channel: stable
hassos: 2.12
homeassistant: 0.100.3

Connection to an ISY-994i-ZW
the ISY has the following devices programmed in:

  • insteon

  •  3 lightswitches and 
  •  5 dimmers
  • zwave

  •  7 neo coolcam power switch/meter
  •  1 ecolink garage door sensor
  •  1 ct100 thermostat
  • Questions:

  • I see lots of references to the ISY-994, so it’s obviously supported. I cannot find a definitive reference or howto on how I’m supposed to integrate it into the hassio system. I have found this:

but it refers to a ‘configuration.yaml’ file. Yet my very strong impression is that the current hassio absolutely does not want anyone mucking about in the
text files underneath the web configuration pages. So much so that there isn’t even an installed (much less enabled) ssh server, or even a webclient (shudder) by design and default. And even the console ‘protects’ the underlying os. Those can be added, of course (and I have), and hassio has an option to pass along shell to the underlying os. But still, it’s clear that the intent is to do everything through the webpage.

Is this impression correct?

If so, then there must be a way to integrate the ISY in the “INTEGRATIONS” page. But a search on ISY comes up empty.
If not, well, then what next?

  • Does hassio support the CT100 zwave thermostat?

The isy994 page referred to above has a list of devices that hassio supports:

There is currently support for the following device types within Home Assistant:

    Binary Sensor

I don’t see ‘thermostat’ on this list, so maybe hassio supports the CT100 zwave, just not via the ISY994? I’ve seen answers that boil down to either ‘no’ or ‘somewhat’.

  • If I set up the ISY-994 in the configuration.yaml referred to like the isy994 page above says to, will pull in and classify all the devices programmed into the ISY994? Or will they each have to be put into hassio individually? The reason I ask is there are individual device types in the Integrations store.

I apologise ahead of time for the seemingly very basic and very ignorant newb questions; I have gotten into trouble in the past by just plowing ahead and
trying to beat things into the way I (don’t) understand them to work, so best to ask.

Thank you in advance.

If you search you will find answers to all your questions, but I’ll give you a few tips off the bat…
You still need to use configuration.yaml for ISY and many other things. They are working toward not having to and you can get Home Assistant running without messing with config files, but there is so much more you can do when you DO use them.
Look in the development section…there is a custom component that you can install for ISY that gives you much more usability over the stock implementation. This includes climate devices installed on ISY.

Install HACS to get it installed. Just search for ISY after HACS is running.
In HASSIO you can enable SSH and samba via the addons page as well as configurator. I would say do all three without question. It will help you out a lot.

Hope this helps a bit. I know it can be confusing, but you can do quite a lot with this combo of HA and ISY. It will just take some investment of time to learn as you go.

just a brief thanks. The HACS is what I needed to know to move forward.