iTach Wifi2IR way to use with home assistant

i’m using “Global Cache WF2IR iTach Wi-Fi to IR”:

this device can be learn IR signals, and i can send commands to it through TCP socket to make it transmit IR signals. what is the best way to use it through home assistant? should i create an adapter or is there already something i can use?

There’s an integration. It works well.

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This is great - thanks!

anyone who used it - the format i was using is the output of its IR reader - it is in the “sendir,1:3,1,38461,1,1,343,171,…” format - is there a way to use this original format or it must be convertrd? how do i convert it?

It needs to be converted. There’s a converter utility available for free download on the Global Cache site (iConvert):

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