I've made a RoboRock (Valetudo-based vacuum robot) voice lines generator

I’ve decided that I need new voice pack for my Roborock S5 robot. However, Google search only showed only this: GLaDOS (Portal) voice pack for Roborock / Xiaomi vacuums

So thinking of how do I make one - I’ve decided that I will just simply use some basic tools to generate them:

  1. ChatGPT to generate some creative voice-lines texts.
  2. AWS Polly for quite decent text-to-speech functionality
  3. Some Golang code to “glue” everything up. Binaries are provided for all 3 major platforms. :v:

And here is the result: GitHub - erkexzcx/rrvoicegen: RoboRock voice generator, based on OpenAI (voice lines creation) and AWS Polly (text-to-speech).

Note that I’ve uploaded 2 examples, they can be used if you don’t want to deal with ChatGPT and AWS stuff. Examples are here: https://github.com/erkexzcx/rrvoicegen/tree/main/examples

AFAIK only Roborock robots (that have root access) are supported and that’s basically Valetudo-powered Roborock vacuum robots.

Let me know what you think! :slight_smile: