Jaguar Landrover InControl Integration (Currently not working due to JLR blocking 3rd party access)

Thanks - the min 60 minute recommendation is presumably just a battery thing?

Appreciate the work you’ve done. Can you share the cards for i-pace?

I already did it some post above, @ultra-visionro, pictures included.

My apps not working either so i guess some JLR issue?

EDIT: updated app and now is working. Argg! Thanks for heads up.

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Thank you very much for your time, @msp1974!
Have a great day!

Does anyone got the “Set Max Charge (Always and One Off)” service to work?
What are the variables/layout for configuring the service?

Jaguar has changed the API login to lock out 3rd parties. According to the author of WattCat (Android app), he had to make a change to the authentication, see link below and his feedback:

Access to the API was “blocked” since it now requires a new special header in order to authenticate requests. As long as you have the header you’re good to go

Sorry all, I should have posted more clearly.

Fully aware of the changes to the JLR api and we worked with @ardevd (the author of jlrpy and WattCat), yesterday to resolve and released v2.2.6 and v3.0.0beta5 last night with the updated jlrpy that continues to work.

You must update to either of these versions to continue using this integration.

Well… it seams JLR shut us down for good…
There are new oficial apps update and we are now unable to connect to JLR Incontrol Server API through the HA interface (and others, like WattCat)…


Anybody got any suggestions of new cars?

Working again! Amazing! Thank you so much!

Just updated for an Evoque and it sets up fine thanks :clap:.

However, the Integration is saying Alarm Off and Status as Key On Engine Off

This isn’t correct. Other info is fine and matches the Android App.

You need to call the Health Status Update service to update those variables.

Every time you stop the car it updates some info on the InControl Server, but not those until you force it to.

I find out that the odometer is always updated so I created an automation to call the Health Status Update service every time the odometer changes (I give it a 10 minutes delay so that I have time to leave the car and lock it). If it returns something “wrong” I know it’s real (a door open, a windows open, alarm not on, etc…). At that time the Status will be “Key Removed”.

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@ismarslomic and i have been doing some work to identify exactly what does and doesnt get updated when and how the app can show as alarmed but the atatus from the server doesnt. My RRS will show key on engine off when the app shows alarmed until a health update when i have parked and alarmed it.

We have found what we think is the answer in that some things we thought were how to tell are not updated but other things are that will give this info.

There is an interlude in developement for the next 4 weeks but then we will look to update the integration with this new knowledge to make it more accurate.

In the meantime, @corceiro idea sounds very good.


Hi all!
It seams JLR shut us down again…
WattCat is also not working…
It happened during the night (around 2 or 3 am UTC time 17-05-2024).

Same here since last software update on the RRS

Hi Everyone,
I appears my integration with JLR InControl has stopped working for almost a month now.
I had been working flawlessly for the last year and a half.

I have tried removing the integration and reinstalling it, but I get “Unable to connect to the JLR InControl servers.” during the integration installation.

Does anybody else face the same problem?

Sadly JLR have blocked our use of their api (for everybody not JLR, not just us).

In their previous attempts, we have found our way around it but so far on this one, we have not.

We have not given up but it is possible JLR have killed this integration with no discussion.


Hi. Did it solve the problem? I have the same problem. Integration does not log into incontrol “Unable to connect to the JLR InControl servers.” Logging in to the official web and ios application is hassle-free. Any guidance is welcome.